Request Cypher Keycode

Obtaining Keycard Access

To obtain keycard access go to the Bursar's Office in Hawthorn Hall. The employee on duty will create a picture I.D. for you and will also give you:

  • the magnetic stripe number which you will need to activate the card (the number does not appear anywhere on the card).
  • contact information for relaying the Magnetic stripe number for activation; [[wdurkin]] or 980-7107

Once the card is activated you will be able to access all regular classrooms and labs. Restricted rooms will require an additional request to the activation contact person.

Exterior Door Access

Full time faculty may request exterior door access from the activation contact person. All others requesting exterior access must petition their department Chair who will in turn petition Vice Chancellor Malik for approval. Vice Chancellor Malik will then contact the activation contact person if approved.  Once exterior door access has been granted to a user they will no longer have a keycode and will be card only everywhere.

Lost or Damaged cards

To replace a broken card ask the employee in the Bursar's Office for a reprint of your latest I.D.

To replace a lost card ask the employee in the Bursar's Office for a new card.

Activation will be required for new cards.

How to use you card

For best results swipe the card slowly and evenly.

If the lock flashes red before unlocking please contact the activation contact person or inform Physical Plant ( low batteries ).

Remember the door is not truly locked unless you close it on your way out.

Request Cypher Keycode

Please use this form to request a Cypher Keycode for locked classrooms. Please note that when scheduling a classroom through the Event Scheduler, notification for cypher lock keycoded classrooms will automatically be forwarded to give you access. You will receive an e-mail with the keycode for your scheduled use of the classroom.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to the rules and regulations as stated in the IU Northwest policyAccess to Multimedia and Computer Classroom rules and regulations

Please note - a field with a * means information IS required.