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Reading in the Region: One Book, One Campus 2007
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Join us in reading Freedom Writers Diary

Freedom Writers Diary

Join members of the campus and the community in an engaging and thought-provoking series of discussions on a different book each year. This year ’s selection is Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World around Them, diary entries that chronicle the students four years of high school and their journey from the “unteachables” to individuals empowered to change the world.  Visited by Miep Gies, the woman who housed Anne Frank, and Zlata Filipovic, “the Bosnian Anne Frank,” these students have a variety of experiences that transform their outlooks and their lives.  In addition to the changes reading, writing, and arguing for a world of tolerance made in their lives, these students wanted to help others.  As a result, the Freedom Writers and Erin Gruwell started the Freedom Writers Foundation, a “nonprofit organization founded to share the Freedom Writers method with schools around the world,” and the proceeds from the sale of the book support that foundation.  Miep Gies called these teenagers “the real heroes,” and the final words of their text invite the reader to follow their example:

The Freedom Writers see this book as the third leg of a relay race.  Anne’s story inspired Zlata, who has been hailed as the modern-day Anne Frank. Zlata then reciprocated by passing the baton to the Freedom Writers.  We hope this book will inspire you to be the fourth leg of the race by encouraging you to pick up a pen and be a catalyst for change (277).

The Freedom Writers Diary is available in the bookstore and in the library in early February.  We will also be having a book giveaway in early February.  We will make an announcement with details on that giveaway soon.
Two discussion sessions open to everyone in the IU Northwest community will be held in the Library Conference Center 105 ABC on two dates:

Tuesday, March 27th from 1-3  
Monday, April 9th  from 6-8.  

Thank you to the other members of the selection committee:  Chris Cotten, Charlie Hobson, Cynthia O’Dell, Ana Osan, Tim Sutherland.

Stay tuned for additional announcements about programming related to this initiative.  

Have a great read!

Please direct questions to or 980-6946.

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