Urban Teacher Education Program

Urban Teacher Education Program

Option II

Option II

UTEP’s unique in-service certification program provides persons with bachelor degrees outside of education the opportunity to obtain teacher certification and credit towards the Master’s degree.

During a year-long teaching practicum non-certified teaching interns are matched with mentors who model effective teaching techniques, observe the intern’s teaching, and apprise the intern of school policies and routines, Option II teaching interns also have weekly contact with university professors, Accompanying the internships is a curriculum of 27 semester hours of coursework at Indiana University Northwest developed and continuously refined with input from both the school systems and the university.

The internship during the academic year includes university courses in content-area methods, testing and measurement and reflection upon urban school setting.

The summer courses are spent examining the urban school to greater societal needs and the urban context.

UTEP Option II In-service Certification differs from other current alternative routes to teacher certification. Many alternatives certification programs have been called “quick-fix” solutions to the urban teacher shortage. Criticisms include the recruitment of persons with inappropriate commitment, classroom placement of substandard teachers and inadequate exposure to child development and psychology in pre-service preparation.

Option II addresses such concerns through:

  • Admission standards which examine content area preparation and overall academic achievement;
  • A rigorous interview to determine candidates’ motivation and aptitude;
  • Close monitoring of interns by school system and university;
  • A professional education curriculum developed by the collaborative; and
  • Frequent assessment and feedback.

The Option II courses students take are researched-based.

First Spring
EDUC S510 Methods of Teaching in Secondary Urban Schools

EDUC S508 Problems in Secondary Education: Content Area Methods in the Urban Classroom Separate sections for English/Mathematics/Science/ Social Studies/Foreign Language/Visual Arts - Part I

Summer Sessions I & II
EDUC P507 Testing in the classroom (Summer I)

EDUC T550 Cultural/Community Forces and the School (Summer II)

EDUC K505 Introduction to Special Education (Summer I)

Fall Semester
EDUC S508 Problems in Secondary Education: Content Area Methods in the Urban Classroom Separate sections for English/Mathematics/ Science/Social Studies/
Foreign Language/Visual Arts - Part II

EDUC M501 Field Experience in Urban Classrooms

Second Spring
EDUC M550 Student Teaching (12 weeks)

EDUC L517 Reading in the Content Area

EDUC K505 Optional to students who could not register in the summer

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