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IU Northwest Faculty & Staff Portraits Procedures

Summary  Instructional Media services periodically provides an opportunity for IU Northwest faculty and staff to have a professional quality photo taken, appropriate for campus marketing use and for display on the campus website.   The photo sessions are organized, announced and run by Instructional Media Services.  The photos are processed by Instructional Media Services and then made available to the Web Services team for inclusion in the Marketing and Communication web based “Photo” application and the campus website for the “Meet our Faculty” and “Meet our Staff” web pages.  This document describes the process used by the teams involved, Instructional Media Services, Web Services, and Marketing and Communications to ensure a smooth workflow and notification of all stakeholders, including the process to inform the customer of photo availability and web posting information.

Process Details:

  1. Instructional Media Services (IMS) schedules and announces a photo session. IMS creates a Footprints issue, customer is Paul Sharpe , and the initial assignee is the individual in IMS taking the lead in arranging the photo sessions. Documented in the issue is the date of the photo session, and the status is “Work in Progress”.
  2. IMS will process the photos with a target time of completion of two weeks.
  3. Once processing is complete, the photos will be transferred to the folder on the campus file server: IMS\Media and Services\Photography and Projects\IUN Portrait Project\Campus Picts_Finished\MO_Day_YEAR. IMS will create the folder as needed. The Footprints issue will be updated as follows:
    • The list of usernames of those whose portrait were taken will be added to the description
    • The issue will be reassigned to the Web Team
    • The status will be changed to “Open”
  4. Web Services will copy the web version of the photos into the appropriate location on Webserve for inclusion in the campus website “Meet our Faculty” and “Meet our Staff” web pages.
    • Retrieve the photos from the IMS folder.
    • Copy them to the Webserve account, referenced below:
    • Webserve location: http://www.iun.edu/~people/photos/web_fac_staff/_w.jpg
    • Check WCMS to ensure that all photo objects are in place so that the photos will appear on the page.
    • The ‘/WRAP_SDDU/IUN-IUN-CAMPUS/_IUN-COMMON/_internal/blocks/facStaff/photos’ object must:
      • contain the username of the person belonging to the photo and,
      • be referenced in the ‘Insert Image Block’ section of every page that displays that photo.
    • Check all relevant ‘Meet Our Staff/Faculty’ pages for a reference to this object.
    • After reviewing the pages, in WCMS all affected pages must be re-published.
  5. Web Services will then copy the pictures into the appropriate location on the Consolidated Hosting Environment for the Marketing and Communication Photo application.
    • Map a drive in Windows Explorer to the CHE link below (requires access permission from CHEHelp). Copy the newly finished photos to the mapped drive.
    • CHE location: \\In-uits-chewp2\iun$\Photos
  6. The Web Services team will update the Footprints issue
    • Indicate progress in description: Photos now available to M&C and to web content manager for display on the web.
    • Re-assign the Footprints issue to the Support Center so that they are aware that there are new photos available for use in the web and in print.
  7. The Support Center will notify Marketing and Communications, photo customers, and web content managers of status
    • Update Footprints issue with status completed and close issue
  8. Text of email to be sent to each photo customer:

Thank you for having a professional quality photo taken for our website.  The photos have now been processed and are available for use on the campus website.  If you are new to the campus, your contact information may not yet be posted on your department’s website.  Please contact your departmental web content manager to ask that your department’s “Meet our Faculty” or “Meet our Staff” pages be updated to include your information.  Loading of your picture is part of that update process.  If for any reason your picture is not displaying on the web as expected, please contact the IT Support Center at 219 982 4357 (x HELP from a campus phone), or by email at iunhelp@iun.edu to report the problem.  If you need a copy of the photo for professional purposes, please contact the campus Marketing and Communications department at 219 980 6800 to request a copy. Thank you.