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Manage your printing at IU Northwest and help the environment too! IU Northwest’s new environmentally responsible student print management program went into full service at the start of the fall 2011 semester. 

Every semester, the pile of unwanted printed paper on campus was getting bigger. In Fall 2010, student printing consumed over 4000 reams of paper—245 trees—and much of it ended up in the trash, unused. Even if the leftovers go to the recycle bins, generating that much waste is simply not a good use of resources. It may have happened to you. You only needed to print page 6, but you accidentally printed all 14 pages. You printed some material from the web, and then found a better resource. There are lots of examples.

Enter RedHawk Print. Using an application called GoPrint, a print management application, RedHawk Print lets you control exactly how much you print. Just during the spring 2011 trial period, students chose not to print over 300,000 pages. Starting August 22, 2011, RedHawk Print will be in full service. Here’s how it works:

  • As a currently enrolled student, you receive a printing allocation (called a "purse" in GoPrint) funded by your Student Technology Fee. The allocation is 650 black-and-white single-sided pages for each of the fall and spring semesters, and 650 total for both summer sessions combined. When you print, the easy to use GoPrint dialog boxes allow you to view each job, to see how much of the allocation each job will cost and to select which print jobs to send to the print queue.
  • Only the pages you actually decide to print will be deducted from your print allocation: $.05 for single sided pages; $.04 for double-sided (duplex) page, and $.25 for color (single-sided and not available in all locations).
  • Printers in all computer classrooms, labs, and open student printing areas, such as the Student Technology Centers and Library Information Commons, are connected to the RedHawk print system.

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RedHawk Print FAQs

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To purchase additional pages for immediate
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