iun technology

Frequently Asked Questions

STC policies are in place to help ensure an atmosphere that fosters learning. Anyone disturbing the academic environment of a Student Technology Center will be asked to leave. The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do I have to show any form of identification when using a STC?

    Since you login into the computer with your username and password, no form of identification is needed.

  • Are children allowed in the Student Technology Centers?

    Children are not permitted in the Marram Hall 103 Student Technology Center. STC's are academic environments that require a quiet atmosphere. Please visit the family friendly Information Commons on the first floor of the Anderson Library when children are with you.

  • Are food/drinks allowed in the Student Technology Centers?

    No food or drink except in specially designated STCs. Food and drink are available in the Little RedHawk Café & CyberCafé.

  • What kinds of printing are available in the STCs?

    Student printing is handled by IU Print.

  • Is color printing available in the Student Technology Centers?

    Color printing is currently available in Marram 103 and in the Library Information Commons on the first floor of the Anderson library.

  • Can I leave my workstation?
    Yes, users may leave their workstation for a maximum of fifteen minutes. After that time, the computer will be made available to the next user. STC computers automatically log users out when there is no activity for fifteen minutes. To be safe, save your work before you leave the workstation as anything not saved will be lost after 15 minutes. You may "lock" the computer so no one else can use it while you are away by pressing the Windows key + L. To unlock it, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and enter your username and passphrase. Locking the computer does not change the fact that it will reboot after 15 minutes of inactivity. This policy is to help ensure that all students will have access to a computer.
  • Is there a policy on pornography?

    There is no transmission or printing of provocative topics in any STC. Placing suggestive objects or pictures in the academic environment is considered a form of sexual harassment. It is our responsibility to provide a non-intimidating and non-threatening environment for all STC users. We reserve the right to investigate any questionable material.

  • Can students talk or work together in the Student Technology Centers?

    Students may work together in any STC on campus. However, it is the consultants' job to maintain an atmosphere that promotes learning. It is our goal to provide an environment that allows students to use their time productively and with few distractions. If students in the lab become too loud, the consultant on duty should ask them to be considerate of others and to lower their voices. If students refuse to be quiet, the consultant should ask them to leave the lab.