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IU Northwest has requested that all faculty and staff make time to get their official IU Northwest portrait taken. This portrait will be the official image used on your department's website, especially in the “meet our faculty/staff” section. This portrait may be used for marketing or news events. If you need the highest resolution image for your needs, you may contact the IUN Marketing department and request a high resolution version of your portrait. The high resolution image is cropped as an 8x10 image at 300 dpi that can also be printed as a photo portrait for your own use.

There are also two other versions of your portrait that are cropped as a square, and they are used for your department's website.

Instructional Media Services of UITS-NW schedules portrait taking sessions throughout the year to allow faculty and staff a greater opportunity to select a date and time that may work for them. We try to schedule at least one portrait event each semester and one nearer the beginning of the first summer session. When dates and times have been selected, an email will be sent to all IU Northwest faculty and staff. The email will contain a link to a calendar showing the dates and times of the portrait sessions. Select one that serves you best. If those dates and times do not work with your schedule, please wait until the next scheduled sessions as those dates and times may work better for you.

If you’ve already had your photo taken and are not pleased with how the portrait turned out, please contact the Support Center and request the IMS staff to contact you so they can ascertain the problem and solutions to correct it.