iun technology

IMS Certificate Requirements


Carefully review the New Hire Orientation Review Sheet:

Staff ID Card: Obtain university staff swipe card. Go to Savannah gym office across from the book store. They will need your student ID or University ID number.

Room Access: See Rob Seals or Mike Jelski to get swipe card activated to gain entry to classrooms and IMS offices.

Times System: Have your mentor or anyone who is part of IMS staff go over the timesheet system on One.IU.

Exchange Account: Contact Lena Williams in the support center to enroll in the staff email system.

Videos: Go to the Instructional Media web page on the IUN website and watch the lectern equipment videos. http://www.iun.edu/technology/ims/ (also watch the Times Video, camcorder, and pic mute change video)

Tours: Take a tour of HH316 Office and have either your mentor or an available IMS employee show you the different Campus Buildings.

Classrooms: Review an actual classroom lectern setup and have your mentor review each component and its use.

Workday Procedures


Review Delivery and Scheduling board in HH316 Office. Review how to setup video conference shared calendars in outlook.

Storage and Campus Locations

Visit the IMS webpage and look at the left side for the AV cart storage locations under IMS Employee Resources – Equipment Storage Locations and Maps. This is a secured location and you have to login to view them. Have your mentor from IMS take you on a tour of the campus to locate all storage rooms.

Video Conference Rooms

Familiarize yourself with HH318, HH338 and HH105. Learn about how the Polycom and Tandberg video conference units function and how they connect to Video Bridges.


If access is available to you have one of the IMS A/V Technicians go over procedures and management of the Footprint ticket system.

Event Scheduler

Learn how to use the Event Scheduling system to obtain information on classroom availability. 

Contact List

Review the IMS employee contact information. 

Mentor Program


In the first month of employment shadow one of the staff A/V Techs to familiarize yourself with everyday work procedures and operations.


If you have any questions make sure to ask any of the IMS staff.

IMS Certification

Complete all the items in this checklist and the new employee worksheet. Submit your completed checklist to Rob Seals.