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iun technology

General Rules

  • Phone: Answer the Tech Phone politely with your name and department (Hello, this is “Phil Schwartz” from IMS, how may I help you?)
  • Support Center: When you first start to work at IMS, check-in with the Support Center, introduce yourself and ask for a tour of their facility. Always interact with them in a professional and courteous manner.
  • If you are not delivering equipment or providing on-site support and repairs, stay in the IMS Equipment Repair work area and wait for a support call or your next appointment.
  • Attendance: If you are unable to work your scheduled time, call Rob Seals or Aaron Pigors at least 60 minutes in advance for emergencies; planned absences will be accommodated with schedule changes.
  • Check FootPrints tickets for media duplication/conversion requests. Pickup new requests or deliver media (check out box) to help desk as needed.

Start of workday

  • Login to Times, selecting the correct IMS account
  • Check the delivery board and your on-line IMS shared Outlook calendar for deliveries and video conferences. If schedule is not posted, go to IMS webpage>IMS Employee Resources>Equipment Schedule>View Campus Schedules>Single Day then “Create Schedule”. Print schedule and post on board.
  • Obtain the “call phone”
  • Initial the deliveries and pickups of the day.
  • Ask for assistance if you are unable to support deliveries or other activities.

End of workday

  • Send a brief email to Rob Seals outlining your activities for the day.
  • Communicate future deliveries, pickups and equipment issues
  • Tell your relief technician that you are leaving.
  • Pass on the Tech Phone and all keys
  • Contact Rob Seals if your relief tech does not show up
  • If you are the final shift, empty the waste baskets, store or dispose of all food, and on Fridays, vacuum the office
  • Logoff the Times system, noting any workday variances (missed lunch, unable to login at start of workday etc.).
  • No schedule changes without Supervisor consent.

Cart delivery and setup

  • Deliver 30 minutes prior to event start.
  • Test all functions before leaving, login and confirm proper operation
  • Provide instruction on proper equipment use if requested.
  • Wire routing is to be setup to avoid tripping hazards. Use of wire covers and or tape is appropriate.
  • Network testing must be performed to confirm proper operation, logout when finished
  • VCR/DVD operation confirmation
  • Never use your login name and password to allow anyone to use the IU system
  • Lockup the storage room after access.
  • Address all people you interact with in a professional and courteous manner.

Cart pickup and storage

  • Remove tape from cords and store wire covering.
  • Collect and coil “all cables” and peripheral equipment.
  • Visually inspect and assess the condition of all returned equipment. If you suspect damage or theft, email Rob Seals and Mike Jelski.
  • Lock up all equipment in the storage location when an event or activity is over and the materials and equipment are returned and stored in their proper storage locations.

Classroom Technology

  • Review the Classroom Technology video available on the IMS webpage.
  • When troubleshooting classroom issues, always confirm that the lectern is plugged in and that power is turned on.
  • Sign-out the lectern laptop on the sign-out sheet located on the inside of the door for locker #5
  • When deploying the laptop to a Tech Classroom, remember to transport it with the power supply and mouse in the case located in the locker.
  • Preventative Maintenance scheduled assignments are to be completed using the Preventative Maintenance checklist.

Video Conferencing

  • Check the schedule frequently
  • Ensure that the room is open and the equipment is turned on at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the video conference.

Special Events

  • The setup for special events will usually require the use of microphone systems, amplifier(s) and other sophisticated equipment. Contact Rob Seals for additional information.

Office Cleanup

  • Empty garbage cans
  • Vacuum floors (Vacuum in janitor’s room between restrooms. Use pig key to open door)
  • Empty refrigerator

New Employee Orientation Topics

  • Outlook Calendar and Email
  • Classroom Technology
  • IMS Videos
  • Schedule (Delivery, work, video conference)
  • Storage Locations
  • Safety
  • Campus Locations
  • Special Events
  • Swipe card
  • Footprints
  • The Times System
  • NW ID (if appropriate)
  • Room Access
  • Event Scheduler
  • Mentor Programs
  • Review of IMS Training Sheets
  • Contact List
  • IMS Certificate
  • Cleaning