Study Abroad - Bilbao, Spain Summer Program

Study Abroad - Bilbao, Spain Summer Program

Field Trips

Bizkaia Province and Urdaibai

 You will visit Gernika, Urdabai Natural Reserve, a parliamentary building, museum and Tree of Gernika, fishing villages, Mundaka, etc.

Optional Tours and Field Studies

USAC encourages every student to participate in these tours, with or without credit; however, they are optional for an additional fee.

Madrid Tour and Field Study

The Madrid tour can be taken either session, either for pleasure or as a 1-credit field study. Students on the tour will stay at a centrally located hotel and spend four days discovering the artistic and historic charms of Madrid. You'll take daylong bus trips to the medieval city of Toledo, Valley of the Fallen, Monastery of El Escorial, the town of Segovia (famous for its Roman aqueduct and its castle) and visit many sites of interest in the city of Madrid.

So what is Bilbao like?

Check out this video made by a former student from IU-Northwest who participated in the Bilbao program!