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iun study abroad

Each participant will be required to take 3-4 credit hours, choosing from the following courses:

Language Studies

All of the summer language courses are intensive, with 3 to 4 credits of Spanish. Our intensive approach allows students to complete a semester of university foreign language coursework in 3 weeks. You may combine these courses with any elective up to a maximum of 4 credits.

  • S100 Elementary Spanish I  (4 credits)  
  • S150 Elementary Spanish II (4 credits)   
  • S200 Intermediate Spanish I  (3 credits) Prerequisite: S150 or equivalent
  • S250 Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits) Prerequisite: S200 or equivalent
  • S312 Spanish Composition    (3 credits) Prerequisite: S250 or equivalent
  • S421 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3 credits) Prerequisite: S311-S312 or equivalent
  • S495 Hispanic Colloquium (1-3 credits) Prerequisite: consent of department
  • A396 Foreign Study in History of Art  (ART, 1 credit, 300-level, taught in English)

International Business and Cultural Studies

Taught in English

The following courses are designed to help meet higher level undergraduate business and core MBA requirements while providing an international aspect to your degree program. Additional cultural studies courses are designed to familiarize you with the region and provide a multi-disciplinary approach to your studies.

  • A396 Foreign Study in History of Art  (ART, 1 credit, 300-level, taught in English)
  • P301 Operations Management (MGT, 3 credits, 300-level, taught in English)
  • M401 International Marketing (MKT, 3 credits, 400-level, taught in English)