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iun student support services

What makes an organization great?  Is it the culture of the organization or leadership? They are both possible reasons. More than likely, it is a combination of ethical leadership, organizational culture, and effective conflict management within the organization to  allow growth and sustainability.

Student Support Services participants have been trained to lead by their involvement in TheMillennial.Be leadership series. The training was facilitated by Zion Management Group. TheMillennial.Be was created to service universities and organizations around the United States in their need to address proper leadership education within their student leaders, student body, and participants as a whole.  Having developed daylong and weeklong leadership programs for various universities, TheMillennial.Be has reached and interacted with over 4,500 students and directors in the past five years. From Florida all the way to Hawaii, the variety of schools that the program has served is notable. TheMillennial.Be is composed of inspired individuals who believe in the importance of preparing college students through interactive, thought-provoking, engaging and collaborative workshops. Over the past five years, TheMillennial.Be Leadership Program has presented to over 60 universities and organizations in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Arkansas, and more.