Office of Student Activities

Office of Student Activities

IUN Intramurals

IUN Sport Clubs and Intramural Sports

IU Northwest offers a variety of intramural sports through its Student Activities Office.

 Sports Clubs and Intramural sports help provide you with a more well-rounded, enjoyable college experience. This is your chance to enjoy the sports you love while pursuing a higher education! Our fall and spring intramural sports programs are free if you have a Fitness Center membership. All of our intramurals are co-ed.

We offer several Sports Clubs

  •  Cheer Club: A group of fifteen members has taken part in several clinics to get ready to cheer our Athletic Teams on every home game!
  •  Baseball Club: A brand new club of twenty has already played against Ball State and Purdue. We recently was accepted into the National Club Baseball Association and will start our season in the Fall and it will continue through next  Spring!
  •  Softball Club: A Coed Slowpitch Softball Club plays every summer in a Northwest Indiana league and recently placed in third place in the playoffs!
  •  Ice Hockey Club: Will begin its third season in December. This club play in a competitive league in St. John, Indiana.
  •  Flag Football Club: This Coed team played in a tournament last fall against teams from Notre Dame and Central Michigan University. This Fall they will compete in an eight week league in Chicago!
  •  Basketball Allstar Club: This brand new club of seven competes in a Northwest Indiana summer league . Soccer Club: We plan to have a Callout in the Fall and enter a team in a Northwest Indiana league.
  •  Tennis Club: This brand new club has already held a practice this summer and are looking to set up matches in the fall.
  •  Clubs that may be formed in the near future include: Golf, Bowling, Wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu

Our Intramural lineup includes:

· Volleyball- Wednesdays at 6pm-10pm from March 25th- April 29th
· FlagFootball- Saturdays from 12pm-6pm from March 28th -April-25th
· Basketball-Thursdays from 7pm-12am from March 24th-May 2nd
· For more info contact Jermel Nelson at 219-980-6794 or