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IUN Intramurals

IUN Intramurals

IU Northwest offers a variety of intramural sports through its Student Activities Office.

Intramural sports help provide you with a more well-rounded, enjoyable college experience.  This is your chance to enjoy the sports you love while pursuing a higher education!  Our fall and spring intramural sports programs are free if you have a Fitness Center membership. All of our intramurals are co-ed.

Our lineup includes:

Volleyball- Wednesdays at 6pm-10pm from March 27th- April 24th

FlagFootball- Saturdays from 12pm-6pm from March 23rd-April-25th

Basketball- Sundays from 3pm-10pm from March 24th-April 26th

For more info contact Jermel Nelson at 219-980-6794 or [[jerlnels]]