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To: PI name

Department Chair or Supervisor,

Department staff using the grant number for expenses

From: TJ Stoops, Director of Sponsored Research


Re: Guidelines for Managing Your Grant Account

The grant account that you will be managing as the project director is (name of your grant) for dates (start date – end date) for the (name of your program) will be (Grant #).  Please make note of this important account number for your records. 

Attached are the Guidelines for Managing YOUR Grant Account.  Please read these fully and carefully for any compliance concerns remembering that as the project director you are responsible for initiating and monitoring expenditures within your account following all Indiana University policies.  

Attached is a copy of the Award Account Digest that was submitted to the funding agency.  Please read fully and carefully for any errors and contact the Office of Sponsored Research with any concerns. Your Grant Administrator is (name, Phone, email) and your Report Analyst is (name, phone, email) if you have any questions concerning your grant.

All invoices or expenses should be billed to the above mentioned account number starting on (start date).  It is imperative that this account number be used to avoid any confusion.  Thank you for your support with this matter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at tkstoops@iun.edu or (219) 980-6832.

cc: Susan Schaefer 


Guidelines for Managing YOUR Grant Account


All funds in any university account belong to the university. All property purchased with funds in any university account belong to the university.  As the account manager, YOU are responsible for initiating and monitoring expenditures within your account following all policies of IU.  

In order to maintain fiscal responsibility, a Detailed Budget Plan should be prepared by the project director with the information listed below. A copy of this detailed budget must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research, the Director of Accounting Services and any others that have a need to review or become involved with the account.   This ensures that there is in fact a definite plan and that all commitments resulting from the plan, such as staff benefits, have been recognized and included.

A. Salary- A pay schedule spreadsheet must be prepared for all personnel costs budgeted in the approved grant.  This schedule should include:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID
  • Fringe Rate for Employee
  • Semester to be Worked
  • Cost Shared for which semester
  • Rate of Pay
  • Hours to be worked
  • How many weeks
  • Pay Schedule for Employee-(Faculty Contract, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)

B. Capital Equipment

C. Supplies and Expenses Expenditures

D. Travel

E. Consultants

F. Speakers

G. Participant Costs

H. Hospitality

Internal Controls include procedures for ensuring reliable financial information, establishing accountability and safeguarding of assets, determining that transactions are proper for the account and in compliance with Indiana University policies, statues, and regulations  http://www.indiana.edu/~vpcfo/policies/accounting/home.html

  • Time and Effort Sheets- See attached sample

Reports – Monthly Operating Detail (MOD) and Monthly Operating Statement (MOS) http://www.fms.indiana.edu/fis/documentation/mos.pdf) on the IUIE are provided to the project director to assist in a monthly review of the account.)  These statements reflect the current budget, cash transactions to date and accrual and encumbrance information.  These statements should be reviewed, along with supporting documentation, such as payroll and purchasing documentation, to ensure that all entries recorded are accurate and appropriate to the account.                      To find the reports on any accounts you manage go to MyRA-My Research Administration using One.IU at https://myra.iu.edu/Dashboard/Dashboard.aspx.

Cost Share – Cost share is defined as the project or program costs not borne by the sponsoring agency.  Any expenses that are to be cost shared during the grant period must be included in the detailed budget submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research and to the Director of Accounting Services for prior approval.  The University is required by federal guidelines to account for all cost share associated with federal, federal pass through or other grantee accounts.  This is true regardless of the granting agency involved and whether the cost share is considered mandatory or voluntary.

Overdraft Notices -An overdraft notice will be sent to the project director when expenses booked to an account total more than the awarded budget or more than the income that has been received and must be resolved in 30 days of receiving the overdraft notice.

  1. SALARY- All Human Resource documents must be completed and approved BEFORE any hours may be recorded by any employees. 

Faculty Member: If you or another faculty member are receiving course release or summer salary out of your grant account it is up to you to check with the Office of Sponsored Research and your department chair a month ahead of the semester in question to make sure the Department Green Sheet (Contract-see sample) and proper E-doc is complete.

Students or Research Assistants: In most cases wages for assistants should be paid on an hourly basis. You are encouraged; if possible, to employ students qualified for work study since your account will only be charged a percentage of their salary.  Work study site: http://www.iun.edu/career-services/student/work-study.htm Please complete all of the necessary paperwork for student employment using the Human Resources website - http://www.iun.edu/hr/

Current Employee: If you employ a person who is already a full‑time IU employee, he/she must be paid at an overtime rate. No matter who you employ appropriate fringe benefits (including FICA, etc.) will be deducted from your account http://researchadmin.iu.edu/GrantContract/gc-propprep/gcs_rates.html.  Please complete all of the necessary paperwork for student employment using the Human Resources website - http://www.iun.edu/hr

Time and Effort Sheets: Time and Effort Sheets (see attachment) document all personnel costs to be reimbursed with the grant or claimed as matching funds.  ALL individuals whose time/salaries are being counted towards the grant shall complete this form for each pay period.  Record the number of hours spent on the grant tasks on the Time and Effort Sheet.  After both the individual and supervisor sign the form, file it with your grant records and then submit it with the reimbursement request.  Volunteers may also use a variation of this form.

TIME approvers and payroll processors must review and approve all time and attendance records before they are submitted for payment. During this review/approval cycle it may be necessary for TIME approvers and/or payroll processors to adjust time and attendance to correct any errors in order to provide timely and accurate payments. It is impermissible for any TIME approvers or payroll processor to intentionally or knowingly approve false records. Indiana University requires that the employee’s hours be approved by a person with knowledge of the employee’s hours worked. This individual is called the TIME approver. 


Capital equipment is defined as any INDIVIDUAL equipment item costing $5,000 or more. You must have a specific capital equipment line in your budget to place an order for capital equipment on a grant account. Capital equipment MUST be ordered through the Purchasing Department. You can search for best prices in the IU contracts through the EPIC system in One.IU.  All capital equipment purchased becomes property of the University and should be maintained under the capital assets inventory of your department.


Supplies should be ordered through the Purchasing Department and charged directly to your grant account. You can search for best prices in the IU contracts through the EPIC system in One.IU.

Similarly, duplicating, postage, etc. can be charged directly to your grant account. If you plan to use your department copier to make copies that need to be charged to your grant account, you will need to have a separate copy card for your grant account for the copier. Large copy jobs should be sent to FedEx and charged to your account. http://www.iun.edu/campus-services/index.htm?tab=tab4   Mailings that should be charged to your grant account should be bundled with a post-it note referencing your grant account number.


All Indiana University travel procedures must be followed http://www.iu.edu/~travel/


Include a daily or hourly rate and the number of days or hours the consultant will be working on this project. The consultant's qualifications should be included in the proposal or budget narrative. Include a letter of support for the proposal. Outside consultants should be paid by Purchase Order.  

  1. SPEAKERS http://www.indiana.edu/~purchase/policies/services.shtml . Please refer to the “Paying for Services Guidelines”.
  1. PARTICIPANT COST- http://researchadmin.iu.edu/GrantContract/gc-propprep/gcs_budgetcategories.html

Expenses for this category include costs of transportation, per diem, stipends, and other related costs for participants or trainees (who are not IU employees) in connection with conferences, meetings, training activities, or workshops.


If approved on the official budget from an external agency you can incur hospitality but you must follow university guidelines:  http://www.iun.edu/fiscal-affairs/financial-procedures/index.htm

Alcoholic beverages are never allowed. If you are using our dining services, you need to complete their catering request at http://www.iun.edu/special-events/catering/index.htm.  If you are purchasing items you can do it through the Purchasing Department.


It is the policy of Indiana University that an underwrite request must be initiated by a school or academic unit if the unit wishes to spend funds prior to the form receipt and acceptance of a notice of award or executed contract.  https://www.iun.edu/sponsored-research/forms/underwrite-request.htm

  1. C&G COMMONLY USED OBJECT CODES The following are the most used object codes used by Contracts and Grants. www.iu.edu/~uitsfin/C&G%20Object%20Codes.xlsx

Grant Certification

The grant account that you will be managing as the Project director is (name of your grant) for dates (start date – end date) for the (name of your program) will be (Grant #).  Please make note of this important account number for your records.   Please sign and date that you have fully read and understand your responsibilities as the Project director.  After all signatures have been obtained, make a copy for your records, return to the Office of Sponsored Research in Hawthorn Hall 244.

Thank you,

TJ Stoops

Director of Sponsored Research



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