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The Public Service Internship Program involves participation by undergraduate students. Undergraduate students enroll in SPEA V380 Internship in Public Affairs or SPEA 1380 Internship in Criminal Justice. Full-time assignment in a public service internship for one semester is acknowledged up to 6 credit hours. Internship credit is recommended for pre-service undergraduate students. In the undergraduate program, a maximum of 15 credit hours is allowed for participation in off-campus experiences.

Internship possibilities are developed by the school and involve specific job descriptions from public and private agencies willing to involve students in significant professional activities in public and environmental affairs. In all cases, specific job details and descriptions of supervisory capacity of the agencies must be filed before credit may be arranged. No off-campus experiences are approved for credit unless the necessary information is filed and approved before the assignment begins. Information can be obtained from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU Northwest.

While the internship program is intended for students enrolled in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, students in related disciplines who have an interest in the public sector and meet eligibility requirements may be considered for admission on a provisional basis.

For more information, visit the School of Public and Environmental Affairs page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.