Division of Social Work

Division of Social Work

Class Schedule

BSW (Undergraduate) Course Highlights

Social Work General Education Courses

  • ENG W131 Elementary Composition
  • ENG W231 Professional Writing
  • SPCH S121 Public Speaking
  • MATH M100 Basic Mathematics or higher level math course
  • BIO L100 Humans and the Biological World 5 credits(recommended)or alternative course(s)
  • Two Arts & Humanities courses totaling at least 6 cr. from this list: GenEd-approved A&H courses
  • ANTH A104 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • HIST H106 American History II
  • CSCI A106 Introduction to Computing
  • PSY P101 Introductory Psychology I
  • PSY P102 Introductory Psychology II
  • SOC S161 Principles of Sociology

Social Work Support Courses

  • POLS Y103 Intro to American Politics
  • One Economics Course from the following courses:

                 ECON E103 Intro to Microeconomics

                 ECON E104 Intro to Macroeconomics

                 LSU L230 Labor & Economy [online only]  

  • BIOL L100 Humans and the Biological World 3 credits

     Note:  Students taking BIOL L100 for 5 credits can use this course to meet both the physical science with lab and the human biology BSW degree requirement.

     Students who have taken other human biology courses can substitute courses.

  • One  300 Level Psychology Course from the following courses:

                 PSY P324 Abnormal Psychology (recommended)

                 PSY P303 Health Psychology

                 PSY P314 Psychology of Adolescence

                 PSY P316 Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence

                 PSY P319 Psychology of Personality

                 PSY P320 Social Psychology

                 PSY P327 Psychology of Motivation

                 PSY P329 Sensation and Perception

                 PSY P335 Cognitive Psychology

  • One statistics course from the following courses:

                 PSY K300 Statistical Technique

                 SOC S262 Statistics for Sociology

                 SPEA K300 Statistical Techniques

Undergraduate Social Work Courses

  • S102 Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
  • S141 Introduction to Social Work
  • S221 Growth and Human Development in the Social Environment
  • S251 History and Analysis of Social Welfare Policy 
  • S322 Small Group Theory and Practice
  • S331 Generalist Social Work Practice I: Theory and Skills
  • S332 Generalist Social Work Practice II:  Theory and Skills
  • S352 Social Welfare Policy and Practice
  • S371 Social Work Research
  • S481 Social Work Practicum I
  • S401 Integrative Field Practicum Seminar I
  • S423 Organizational Theory and Practice 
  • S442 Practice-Policy Seminar in a Field of Practice
  • S482 Social Work Practicum II
  • S402 Integrative Field Practicum Seminar II
  • S433 Community Behavior and Practice
  • S472 Social Work Practice Evaluation

Graduate (MSW) Course Highlights

Graduate Social Work Courses

  • 501  Professional Social Work at the Master’s Level: An Immersion (3 credits)
  • 503  Human Behavior and the Social Environment I (3 credits)
  • 502  Research I (3 credits)
  • 504  Professional Practice Skills I (3 credits)
  • 505  Social Policy Analysis and Practice (3 credits)
  • 513  Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (3 credits)
  • 516  Social Work Practice:  Organizations, Communities, Society (3 credits)
  • 517  Assessment in Mental Health and Addictions (3 credits)
  • 514  Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups I (3 credits)
  • 555  SWK Practicum I (3 credits)
  • 623  Practice Research Integrative Seminar I (3 credits)
  • 651  Social Work Practicum II (4 credits)
  • 652  Social Work Practicum III: Mental Health/Addictions (5 credits)
  • 661  Executive Leadership Practice (3 credits)

Mental Health and Addictions Graduate Concentration Courses

  • 618  Social Policy and Services II :Mental Health & Addictions (3 credits)
  • 683  Community-Based Practice in Mental Health/Addictions (3 credits),       
  • 685  Mental Health & Addictions Practice with Individuals and Families (3 credits)                  
  • 686  Social Work Practice: Addictions (3 credits)       
  • 687  Mental Health/Addiction Practice with Groups (3 credits)


Health Graduate Concentration Courses

  • 618  Social Policy and Services II Health (3 credits)
  • 692  Practice Skills for Health Care Settings (3 credits)       
  • 693  Practice with Individuals, Families & Communities in Healthcare Settings (3 credits)
  • 694  Practice with Older Adults (3 credits)
  • 696  Confronting Loss, Grief, Death and Bereavement(3 credits)        

  School Social Work Graduate Concentration Courses

  • 618  Social Policy & Services: Schools (3 credits.)
  • 616  Social Work Practice in Schools (3 credits)
  • 619  Social Work Practice with Children & Adolescents (3 credits.)
  • 632  Child Welfare Practice I (3 credits)