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iun science olympiad

Home Rooms and Divisions

C1 Chesterton AA HH104
C2 Crown Point AA RH223
C3 Hammond A RH217
C4 Highland A HH416
C5 Highland 2 (Orange) A HH416
C6 Portage AA RH203
C7 Thea Bowman A RH103
C8 Valparaiso AA HH400
C9 Valparaiso 2 (Orange) AA HH400
C10 Michigan City A RH209
B1 Chesterton AA HH330
B2 Fegley AA RH101
B3 Grimmer AA HH410
B4 Grimmer 2 (Orange) AA HH410
B5 Hal E. Clark AA HH215
B6 Kahler AA RH215
B7 Kahler 2 (Orange) AA RH215
B8 Our Lady of Grace A RH109
B9 School of Hammond AA RH205
B10  St. Michael Catholic A RH105
B11  St. Patrick A RH102
B12  St. Patrick 2 (Orange) A RH102
B13 St. Stanislaus A RH151
B14 Thea Bowman A RH149
B15 Thomas Jefferson AA HH200
B16 Victory Christian A RH201
B17 Whiting A HH103
HH = Hawthorn Hall, RH = Raintree Hall
AA (Large School), A (Small School): Divisions are only relevant for trophies, i.e., do not affect advancing.