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iun science olympiad

Science Olympiad Clinic

  • Mini Clinic

    Ninteen schools and over 120 teachers, students and volunteers participated in the 2011 Science Olympiad Mini-clinic on Saturday November 12.   This event was designed to help coaches and students prepare for the 2012 Science Olympiad regional tournaments and start the coaching season.  Emphasis was on learning the techniques and science behind many of the 2012 Science Olympiad tournament events. We thank the College of Arts and Sciences for funding of this event.

    Scheduled events for the November 12, 2011 Mini Clinic

    Anatomy Mike LaPointe
    Bottle Rocket Stela Pudar-Hozo
    Chem Lab Linda Wozniewski
    Compute This Iztok Hozo
    Construction Advise G & G Hobby Shop
    Crime Busters Linda Wozniewski
    Experimental Design Perry Herzog
    Fermi Questions Carol Wood
    Food Science Linda Wozniewski
    Forensics Linda Wozniewski
    Forestry Mak Hozo
    Helicopters Tom Sanders
    Microbe Mission Kathy Kwiatkowski
    Optics Rudi Herrera
    Protein Modeling Linda Wozniewski
    Rocks and Minerals Jennifer Campbell
    Storm the Castle Nelson De Leon
    Student Help Andres Santiago
    Dwight Williams
    Towers Kaela Hawkins
    Write it / Do it Katie Mika
  • Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic

    Friday October 13th, 2017 4:30-10:30 PM
    Saturday October 14th, 2017  7:00 AM-5:00 PM
    Dinner Friday Night, Breakfast and Lunch Saturday included
    All 23 events in both B & C Divisions presented

    Most will be presented by the National Event Supervisor or National Discipline Chair

    New Coach Sessions by extremely successful coach
    One Book, either B or C included


    Friday only-no meals: $40
    Friday only-w/dinner: $55
    Saturday only-no meals: $40
    Saturday only-w/lunch: $55
    Both days-no meals: $70
    Both days-w/meals $85