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Science Olympiad


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be able to put all my stuff when I get to IU Northwest?

At registration your school will be assigned a classroom which will serve as your homeroom for the day. Use it as headquarters for the day. Please clean up the room at the end of the day. The gymnasium will have a section cordoned off for large items. Soneone will be there at all times to make sure your items are safe.

Can my team be larger than 15 students?

Yes and no. Strictly speaking the maximum is 15. However, the Indiana Science Olympiad Committee agreed that additional students (alternates) could participate. However, these additional students are restricted to the trial events only. Additional students will be identified at registration.

Will all B and C events be offered at the IUN tournament?

Our goal is to offer all A and B events that count towards the team's overall standing. In 2016 the state committee decided that Bottle Rockets will not be offered as a regular event. Roller  Coaster will take its place.

Which trial events are most likely to be offered?

Refer to the event schedule on the web

What happens to the outdoor events if the weather is rotten on tournament day?

We persevere one way or another.

Who will receive trophies?

First, second and third place trophies will be awarded to schools. However, if enough teams participate then we could have A and AA divisions (based on school population) and thus two sets of trophies would be available.

Who will receive medals?

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper medals will be awarded to first, second and third and fourth place students in an event (including trial events).

What if I have a question about a judge's decision?

Judges are given wide latitude how they will handle their event. Therefore their decision will usually be the last word. However, in the unusual situation where a coach insists on mediation there will be an Arbitration committee. The decsion of this committee is final.

If I or a student has a question about an event who can I contact?

Feel free to contact the event coordinator at

How do I sign up for a time slot for a sign-up event?

This will be done online. We will email you the time when this will take place.

What is the height of the flying area?

The height is approximately 30 feet in the gymnasium.

What is the Wild Card Tournament?

The runners up B and C teams at the various regionals are invited to the Wild Card tournament which usually takes place in March.  The top teams in the Wild Card tournament are invited to participate in the State Science Olympiad tournament.

Will schools be divided by class size?

Probably, but just for the purpose of team trophies.

Will the cafeteria be open?


Will the bookstore be open?


Why are some events split into two sections?

Lab space limitations make this split necessary.

Where is the registration form?

It will be available on the web.