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Early Warning System  


IU's Early Student Performance Alert
Course Syllabus/Oncourse Class Announcement
Student Performance Roster
FLAGS Information for Advisors & Students

IU’s Early Student Performance Alert

In support of campus efforts to increase student retention and 4-year graduation, all faculty teaching undergraduate students are asked to provide feedback early and often on student attendance/performance in their class. This feedback from the faculty is being accomplished online using the Student Performance Roster as part of the FLAGS System. Feedback from the faculty using these rosters allows for quick and intentional intervention with those students who may need assistance. Based on faculty roster feedback, reports will be readily available to advisors and other school officials to take action.

The Student Performance Roster will also be the mechanism for reporting attendance for Financial Aid compliance as well as providing enrollment information to the Registrar.

Course Syllabus/Oncourse Class Announcement

Faculty are encouraged to provide an explanation on the class syllabus and/or via an Oncourse announcement. A sample notice is provided here:

This semester I will be using IU’s FLAGS System to provide real-time feedback on your performance in this course. Periodically throughout the semester, I will be entering data on factors such as your class attendance, participation, and success with coursework among other things. This information will provide feedback on how you are faring in the course and offer you suggestions on how you might be able to improve your performance.

You will be able to access this information in the student center: OneStart > Student Services page > Student Center > My Academics and Grades > My Grades.

Student Performance Roster

  • From OneStart, Faculty Center, My Teaching Schedule (NOTE: A Performance Roster link will also be available directly from Oncourse).
  • There will be four areas of assessment for undergraduate students: Attendance, Trends, FLAGS, and Recommended Student Actions. Only attendance information will be requested for graduate students as part of the Financial Aid audit prior to final grade rosters.
  • Attendance (Attending) may be defaulted in for all students on all rosters by selecting the available default box. Faculty members may then update only those who are not attending before submitting.
  • Faculty may save as often as convenient. Each time a roster is submitted, any faculty changes are recorded and available to advisors, support center staff, and students.
  • FLAG Early Alert System - What's New with the FLAGS Student Performance Rosters for Spring 2013
  • FLAG Early Alert System - Detailed Instructions

FLAGS Information for Advisors & Students

  • Academic advisors will be able to view faculty assessments through the Administrative Center: OneStart > Administrative Center> Academics and Grades > Grades.
  • Students will be able to view faculty assessments through the Student Center: OneStart > Student Services > Student Center > My Academic and Grades > My Grades.
  • The assessments are point-in-time semester assessments and not part of the students’ permanent academic record.

Future phases of the FLAGS System include plans for a student survey and more inclusive student data from other University records in an effort to provide a truly complete picture of student expectations and any indicators of potential risk. The intent of the FLAGS System is for specific school officials to have valuable, timely data in hand so they may assist our students toward the ultimate goal --- their graduation and continued future learning and success.

Final Grades  

Submitting Final Grades
Grades Submitted Late
FN, FNN, and F Grading
Incomplete Grades
Faculty Procedures to Remove an Incomplete 


The Office of the Registrar relies on timely submission of grades so that we are able to provide the grades to students as soon as possible. According to the guidelines established by the University Faculty Council, final grades are due to the Office of the Registrar 48 hours after the final examination.  Final grades are submitted by faculty through an online process.

  1. Grades submitted via Oncourse CL: Must be approved/saved/submitted no later than 8:00 pm to guarantee overnight posting to SIS with availability the next morning on OneStart.
  2. Grades submitted via OneStart must be approved/saved/submitted no later than 10:00 pm to guarantee overnight posting to SIS with availability the next morning on OneStart.

*Note: Once grades have been submitted, grade changes may be submitted via email through the faculty member's IUN email account or by completing the Grade Change Form in the Office of the Registrar.  After the Corrected Grades period, all grade changes must be submitted in accordance with our Change of Grade policy.


Grades not turned in by the deadline will result in grades "NR" being sent to the student.  Late grades may also result in a student not being allowed to return for the next semester, not being allowed to compete in intercollegiate athletics, or not being able to receive financial aid.  We will notify students with the grades of any late rosters, but that will not occur for 2-3 weeks after the end of the term.  To save yourself phone calls from concerned students, parents, and school recorders, please get your grades in on time.


In compliance with University Faculty Council Policy (FN Non-Attendance, March 1999), faculty members are required to differentiate students who fail a class because they quit attending from those who failed the class on merit.

FN - The grade of FN should be given to those students who attended your course but for whom lack of attendance is the basis for a failing grade.  If you enter a grade of FN, a last date of attendance must also be entered into the Last Date Attend field.  Give your best date for when the student either last attended or participated in the course.  This may be the last quiz or assignment that was turned in or, if you take attendance, a more exact date.  The system will not let you enter a date in this field that is not within the term begin and term end dates.  The grade of FN will be treated on the transcript in the same way we handle the grade of F.  The student will not see the FN.

Should you award an FN grade, please record the date you provided on the roster in your own records, such as your grade book.  Use of the grade will provide documentation required by the auditors to comply with federal financial aid regulations.

FNN - If the student never attended the class, enter a grade of FNN.  It is not necessary to enter a Last Date of Attendance with the FNN grade.  The grade of FNN will be treated on the transcript in the same way we handle the grade of F.  The student will not see the FNN.

F - You should, of course, still award an F to any student whom you have determined has "earned" it, whether as a result of poor academic performance or spotty attendance.


All Incomplete grades are automatically converted to F’s one calendar year after the Incomplete was recorded. Students receiving an Incomplete grade in a course should not register for the course a second time.

Remember that if a student is attending your class to complete a previous grade of Incomplete, the student's name will not appear on you roster.  In order to award the grade you will need to submit a Removal of Incomplete form to the Office of the Registrar.

If you are assigning an Incomplete, be sure to give your department any necessary information on the work the student must finish.  This is usually done by completing a card and turning it in to the department.  Check with your department or school for more information.


  1. Pick up a Removal of Incomplete Form from the recorder in your department or school.
  2. Complete the form and return it to the Office of the Registrar (please do not give the form to the student to deliver).
    • Be sure to submit the form by the deadline when Incomplete grades automatically change to failing grades (approximately 13 months after the end of the term in which the Incomplete was awarded). It is still possible to change the grade after that conversion has occurred, but it will require a formal appeal to the Academic Affairs Committee.
    • If the student is completing the work for another instructor by attending your class, provide the appropriate grade information to the original instructor. He or she is responsible for filing the Removal of Incomplete Form with the registrar’s office.
    • If the original instructor is no longer with the university or is unavailable (i.e., on sabbatical), provide the necessary information to the department chair. He or she will file the form on behalf of the original instructor.
  3. The dean of the student’s school may authorize the change of an Incomplete to a withdrawal by completing a Removal of Incomplete Form.
  4. The Office of the Registrar will notify the student of the new course grade and update his or her student record.
Class Cancellations  

deadlines iconTo cancel one or more class sessions, faculty should complete the steps listed below:

  1. Notify their department chairperson of the cancellation
  2. Send a communication to their students via email or Oncourse.

Class Cancellation NOTE: This application is temporarily unavailable. Please contact your students for information regarding class cancellation.