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As a science, psychology seeks to understand the basic principles by which living organisms adapt their behavior to the changing physical and social environments in which they live.  The breadth of the discipline, with its links to the humanities, mathematics, and other social and natural sciences, encourages the development of broad problem-solving skills through exposure to experimental methodology and statistical analysis and contributes to personal growth and the development of communicative skills. 

Program Highlights     

Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs provide students with a rigorous background in psychology that prepares them for entry into graduate programs.  The curriculum of both programs enables students to think scientifically about behavior and mental processes, appreciate and respect individual differences, and pursue a variety of post-baccalaureate alternatives.

Students studying psychology are encouraged to engage in collaborative or independent study with faculty members.  Over the past five years, dozens of students have taken advantage of this opportunity.  Many have presented their research at student and professional meetings and some have won student research competitions.

Career Opportunities

Recipients of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree often find employment in mental health clinics, social service agencies, and personnel and sales departments for various organizations.  A career as a psychologist requires graduate training at the master’s level or beyond, and a number of psychology students choose to go on to medical school.  A doctoral degree in psychology greatly increases the possibilities for careers in service, research, and/or teaching.

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Browse the links listed above or download the Departmental Information Sheet for Psychology to learn about degree and course requirements, student clubs and activities, and more. 

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