iun pre law

Pre-Law Counseling at IUN

If you think you might be interested in the study of law, feel free to seek advice. Discussion with and assistance by a practicing lawyer, or other adviser who has firsthand knowledge of law school, often helps students decide whether they wish to try pursuing a legal education. Even if you are sure that law is your choice, advice about the application process may help you maximize your chances of being admitted.

Lawyers on the faculty whom the student may wish to consult include:

She can help the student plan his or her course of study at IUN, advise on preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), help pick the law schools to which the student applies, make suggestions about letters of recommendation, and generally talk about admissions procedures and preparation for a legal career.

IUN also maintains a file in the Career Services Office containing information about law schools, the LSAT, and how to appl