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iun physical plant

IU Northwest's recycling effort relies on a high level of participation and involvement of the entire IU Northwest community. If we are to achieve our goals of recycling and waste reduction, we must all do our fair share.

The program has two separate components:

  1. "Paper Retriever" Recycling
  2. Plastic, glass and can recycling

"Paper Retriever" Recycling

Physical Plant provides a 14 gallon bright yellow plastic recycling container for every classroom, office, lab, seminar room, auditorium, etc. on campus. A 90 gallon collection toter is located on every floor usually near an elevator for the emptying of the individual plastic recycling containers.

We have 3 green and yellow "Paper Retriever" bins, which are located in prominent, visible areas:

  • East side of the Library
  • Southeast corner of the main parking lot.

The IUN community participation and involvement is as follows:

  • When an individual office container is ready to be emptied, the occupant is responsible for transporting and emptying it into the 90 gallon collection toter. For the program to work it is important that everyone participates and does their fair share.
  • Recyclable papers brought from home are encouraged, but must be placed into the "Paper Retriever" bins by the individual bringing them.

Paper suitable for recycling through the "Paper Retriever" Program includes all CLEAN and DRY:

  • Office and School Papers
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Mail
  • Shopping Catalogs

Do NOT include: cardboard, telephone books, plastic, glass, metals or trash.

Plastic, Glass and Can Recycling

All plastics, glass and cans should be placed in existing, marked recycling containers which are located in most buildings on the ground floor.