iun nursing

BA/BS to BSN General Education Requirements

Math, Physical and Life Sciences (26 credits required)

PHSL (Human Biology)                          P 130                 4 cr.

PHSL (Human Anatomy & Physiology I)     P 261                 4 cr.

PHSL (Human Anatomy & Physiology II)    P 262                 4 cr. 

BIOL (Microorganism in Nature & Disease)  M 200                4 cr.

CHEM (Chemistry of Life)                       C 110                3 cr.

MATH (Basic Mathematics)                      M 118                3 cr.

PSY or SPEA (Statistics)                         K 300                3 cr.

Communication (9 credits required)

ENG (English Composition)                      W 131                3 cr.

ENG (Professional Writing Skills)              W 231                3 cr.

SPCH (Public Speaking)                          S 121                3 cr.

Cultural and Historial Studies (6 credits required)

Cult/Hist Studies Elective                                               3 cr.

Cult/Hist Studies Elective                                               3 cr.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 credits required)

PSY (Intro to Psychology)                        P 101                3 cr.

SOC (Intro to Sociology)                         S 161                3 cr.

PSY (Life Span Development)                   P 216                3 cr.

Arts and Humanities (6 credits required)

PHIL (Biomedical Ethics)                         P 393                3 cr.

Literature Elective                                                         3 cr.

Open Elective (2 credits required)

Open Elective                                                               2 cr.

Note: Students must have a bachelor degree in a field other than Nursing with a graduation GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Admission to Indiana University Northwest is required.

All general education requirements must be met prior to enrollment in the nursing major courses.

The pre-nursing GPA (average of the general education requirements) used toward the BSN program must be 3.0 or above.

Repeat of three (3) general education requirements is allowed.  No more than two may be sciences.  There is a limit of one repeat per course.

The minimum grade requirement is a C (2.0).  Grades of C- or below are not acceptable.

There is a seven year age limit on Life Span Development, the sciences, and statistics.

Admission to the BA/BS to BSN Option is competitive.

Years of Study Required for Nursing Curriculum (nursing courses only) - 1.5

Applicants should meet with a nursing advisor prior to application for the BA/BS to BSN Option.

Application available October 1, 2017 - January 1, 2018.  Offers of admission are mailed in early February.

NOTE: If you are planning to apply to this program option, you must first be admitted to the university.