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‘Wave Your Flag for Philanthropy’

Faculty and staff giving continues to rise as impact on students becomes apparent

Thursday Sep 28, 2017

Five years ago, Indiana University Northwest launched its first Philanthropy Week, an effort to increase awareness among the campus community about the impact that giving has on students’ lives.

Contributing to scholarships, for example, is a powerful way to make a difference.

This year, the campus celebrates Philanthropy Week, themed “Wave Your Flag for Philanthropy,” from October 9-14.

Last year, 27 percent of IU Northwest faculty and staff gave. That level of participation has risen steadily over the past five years, indicating that the campus is increasingly aware of what their contributions truly mean for students.

“Just think about the collective impact we could make if every faculty and staff member gave even a small amount to boost a scholarship fund,” said Susan Zinner, this year’s Philanthropy Week Campaign Chair.

Zinner, professor of public and environmental affairs, began making a difference in students’ lives by teaching, inspiring and mentoring students in 1998. She continues to set an example, not only with her monetary gifts, but by donating her time and talent. Over the course of her tenure at IU Northwest, she has served on hundreds of committees, all with the ultimate goal of serving students.

Everyone has his or her own reason for giving. Choosing to wave a flag in support of philanthropy is a personal decision.

Mary Goolik does it because IU runs in her blood.

One of seven siblings from Portage, Goolik met her husband at IU Northwest. Both began successful careers thanks to their IU Northwest educations. Scholarships helped Goolik tremendously.

“At that time, tuition was more affordable,” she said. “I could work my part-time job, live at home, and still do okay paying tuition because I also received scholarships.”

But that was then.

In her role as a clinical assistant professor of nursing, Goolik sees the struggles of students. She knows that today, a part-time job simply isn’t enough. Scholarships are almost a necessity for many IU Northwest students.

Charles Hobson waves his flag for philanthropy because it was a regional campus like IU Northwest that enabled him to go to college.

The professor of business administration couldn’t afford to go to a residential campus, so he chose a school in Fairfax, Va. that he could commute to every day.

“That is the reason I give,” Hobson said. “I want to give our students the same opportunities at their regional campus that I had at mine.”

Kathy Malone gives because she feels that improving her campus and the opportunities it offers students is part of her responsibility.

The director of executive administration is a 38-year veteran of IU Northwest who remembers bringing her children to the now-closed campus daycare center.

“Contributing to the collaborative campus effort to make IU Northwest the best that it can be is also my responsibility,” she said. “I am proud to be a member of ‘team IU Northwest’ and to have contributed to the growth, forward movement and success of the campus over the years. I want to do what I can to contribute to continuing that growth.”

So when you see flags waving between October 9 and 14, take notice. Perhaps even ask someone, “why do you give?” Chances are, their reason is one you will identify with.

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