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Notes of Distinction: May 2017

Friday Apr 28, 2017

Whether it’s a published article, book, prestigious award or speaking engagement, members of Indiana University Northwest’s faculty and staff continue to share their wealth of expertise. We applaud the most recent top achievers that have made a name for themselves and IU Northwest.

Employees honored for service
milestones, awards for excellence

The IU Northwest Center for Innovation and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce the winners of this year's awards.

Joseph Ferrandino, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Excellence in Online Course Design and Delivery

This award recognizes effective and innovative approaches to course design and delivery through use of peer learning and student-centered discussions.

Kristin Huysken and Erin Argyilan, Associate Professors of Geosciences
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This award recognizes the professors' work on project-based field trips to the Starved Rock area for geosciences education and its direct impact on student learning. 

*  *  *

Congratulations to all the faculty and staff members who were recognized at the annual Years of Service Recognition Luncheon in April.

Lena Williams, Support Center Supervisor
Outstanding Staff Customer Service Excellence Award

This award recognizes outstanding staff who exemplify exceptional service by greeting customers in a cordial and welcoming manner, making them feel important and appreciated, and ensuring all are treated fairly with courtesy and respect.

*    *    *

Mary Lee, Assistant to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Outstanding Staff Pride Excellence Award

This award recognizes outstanding staff members who create or foster a more productive workplace; promote the image of IU Northwest; work hard, usually behind-the-scenes; do the job well; are knowledgeable about all aspects of their position; and interact positively with campus constituents.

*    *    *

Wayne James, Chief of Police
Distinguished Employee of the Year Excellence Award


Timothy Johnson, Grounds Supervisor
Distinguished Employee of the Year Excellence Award

This award recognizes outstanding staff members who demonstrate dedication in achieving the mission of the University and their operation department, performing assigned tasks in an exemplary fashion, inspiring other employees to improve, and demonstrating leadership and the ability to guide others.

*    *    *

Frances Daniel, Joseph Ferrandino, Michelle Guan, Hannah Lee, Tin-Chun Lin, Brian O’Camb, David Parnell, Ian Taschner, Jie Wang
Board of Trustees’ Teaching Award

*  *  *

Subir Bandyopadhyay, Professor of Marketing
Distinguished Service Award

Axel Schulze-Halberg, Professor of Mathematics
Distinguished Scholarship/Creative Activity Award

These awards recognize distinguished service and research, respectively, by IU Northwest faculty and are designed to recognize substantive, significant, and sustained scholarship/creative activity across the academic career, while a member of the IU Northwest community.

*  *  *

Michelle Guan, Professor of Mathematics
Founder’s Day Award

Mark Sperling, Associate Professor of Education
Associate Faculty Founder’s Day Award

These awards are bestowed for excellence in teaching. They are given each year on both a university-wide and regional campus basis.

*  *  *

Three new awards introduced during the 2016-17 academic year recognize excellence in academic advising:

Kevin Ballard
New Advisor Award (Professional Advisor)

Sharon Pratt
New Advisor Award (Faculty Advisor)

Diana Dicks
Distinguished Academic Advising Award

*  *  *

The following employees were honored for service milestones at IU Northwest:

40 Years

Arlene Adler, Clarence Green, Catherine Mezzacapo, Levonda Mosely, Silquia Vela

35 Years

George Bodmer, Stephen McShane

30 Years

Charmaine Connelly, Stephanie Shanks-Meile, Patricia Woosley

25 Years

Jon Becker, Spencer Cortwright, Barbara Gunn, Dipika Gupta, Rene Long, Vernon Smith, Douglas Swartz, Melvin Wells, Alicia Wright

20 Years

Julia Bishop, Kristin Huysken, Rita Jablon, Clifford Long, Sandra Mendoza

15 Years

Jon Holmes, Diane Larson, Anja Matwijkiw, Larobson Seals, Vernal Thorton

10 Years

Peter Avis, Karen Bertram, Jonathyne Briggs, Harold Burtley, TerryAnn Defenser, Lucyna Drozd-Nurek, Evalyn Gossett, Joseph Guzik, Deborah Hankins, Larry Hayden, Ellen Hennessy-Harstad, Beverly Lewis-Burton, Ellen Palagi, Ju Won Park

5 Years

Natasha Brown, Eufemia Carbajal, Jamie Conners, Carol Dotson, Jeri Pat Gabbert, Marsheila Harris, Daniel Kelly, Bhaskara Kopparty, Brandon Lee, Leanne Palmer, David Palmer, David Parnell, Micah Pollak, Amanda Sorg, Myriam Young

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