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Notes of Distinction: June 2017

Friday Jun 09, 2017

Faculty members earn tenure, promotions

IUN Tenure and Promotion Honorees 2017

IU Northwest photo by Erika Rose

Each spring, IU Northwest celebrates its latest faculty members who have earned a promotion or tenure. Congratulations to those promoted (pictured from left to right) and their new titles:

Diana Chen Lin, Professor, History
Linda Galocy, Clinical Associate Professor, Health Information Management
Tin-Chun Lin, Professor, Business
Jill Chonody, Associate Professor, Social work
Surekha Rao, Professor, Business
Monica Solinas-Saunders, Associate Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs
Mark Baer, Associate Professor, Performing Arts
Ellen Szarleta, Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs
William J. Lowe, Chancellor
Erin Argyilan, Professor, Geosciences (not pictured)

*  *  *

Campus Council on Diversity bestows Spring Diversity Awards

Each spring, the Campus Council on Diversity celebrates diversity in its many forms throughout the IU Northwest campus. This celebration highlights individuals, organizations, and groups, on-campus or off- campus, which exemplify the purpose of the IU Northwest diversity mission.

Congratulations to the honorees:

Champion Award

This award is given to individuals who have developed an innovative program or project to advance diversity; demonstrated leadership in diversity work; or acquired resources to support diversity efforts.

Jacqueline Huey, Lecturer, Public and Environmental Affairs
Hannah Lee, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Advocate Award

This award is given to individuals who have either served as a spokesperson for a diversity issue or cause; served as a change agent in regard to policies and procedures related to diversity; promoted awareness of issues that diversity groups face; or has recruited, retained and graduated students of a diverse population.

Stephanie Smith, Adjunct Faculty Member, Education
Tirzah Jones, Community Member

Friend Award

This award is given to individuals who have contributed creative and unique ideas to support diversity; lended vocal support to diversity efforts or participated actively in diversity programming.

Natasha Brown, Assistant Professor, Communications
Victoria Morales, Student
Alexis Morales, Student

In addition to the honorees, the following individuals were also nominated for a diversity award: Surekha Rao, Professor of Business; Bennie Muhammad, Community Member; Alaina Patterson, IU Bloomington Student; Beth Tyler, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students.

*  *  *

Congratulations to the following recipients of Summer Faculty Fellowships for Summer 2017.

Chae Young Chang, Assistant Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs
Lauren DeLand, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Jenny Fisher, Assistant Professor, Biology
Ming Gao, Assistant Professor,  Biology
Kate Gustafson, Assistant Professor, English
Eunjoo Kim, Assistant Professor, Education
Hannah Lee, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Cara Lewis, Assistant Professor, English
Carol Rozelle, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Maureen Rutherford, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ian Taschner, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Maria Young, Assistant Professor, Nursing

*  *  *

Congratulations to the following recipients of Grants-in-Aid of Research for the 2016-17 academic year.

Nicole Anslover, Associate Professor, History
Karl Besel, Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs
Jenny Fisher, Assistant Professor, Biology
Jennifer Greenburg, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Hannah Lee, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Vesna Kilibarda, Professor, Mathematics
Maureen Rutherford, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ian Taschner, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

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