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Philanthropy Week 2016 nets more than $16,500 in donations; participation grows each year

Wednesday Nov 02, 2016

Philanthropy Week made its debut on the IU Northwest campus three years ago. Intended to spread awareness of what philanthropy is and how it helps students, and to inspire others to become philanthropists, the event that inaugural year was a roaring success.

It netted just over $1,500 in April of 2014 but the biggest impact was yet to come. Like many awareness campaigns, the true impact often isn’t felt until a couple of years down the road, when the idea has been firmly rooted in people’s minds.

In October, when Philanthropy Week organizers and volunteers started talking to folks at three locations on campus, the response was one of familiarity.

Familiar with the task from previous years, students enthusiastically agreed to write thank-you notes to previous donors without much prompting. Folks approached the tables with their donations already in hand because they had already learned about philanthropy and had donated last year.

Special thanks to the Philanthropy Week Committee and Campus Champions for making this a successful annual campus tradition.

Thanks to the Instructional Media Services Team (Aaron Pigors and Jaclyn Smith) for creating the fun videos and to the students, staff and faculty members who participated in the filming.

REWIND .... And, relive the videos here.

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