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Class Notes: August 2014

Monday Jul 21, 2014

Staying up on what your former classmates are doing, and letting them know what you’re up to, has big benefits.

Because you are an IU Northwest alum, we don’t need to tell you about the power of networking. After all, it’s one of the ways you became successful in the first place. While pursuing your degree, you met people, shared ideas and connected with folks who made your career take off. It’s no different now that you’ve graduated. In fact, it’s perhaps even more important now that you read about your fellow alums and keep them up to date on your activities.

When someone in your field sees what you are doing, they may have a helpful tip, refer a colleague, give you some information you didn’t know before that will serve you well in your career.

WHY should I care about what my fellow alums are doing?

* Because successful alums strengthen your degree. When news spreads about the prestigious accomplishments of an IU Northwest alum, the fact that you have an IU degree is prestigious in itself.

* Because networking is powerful. Knowing what you do and what your formers classmate do, can help you grow your business, make professional connections and more.

* It is a way for you to stay current on the latest developments in your field.

Want to get in touch with someone you’ve seen featured in our “Class Notes” section? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations and the friendly faces there will assist you.

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