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Paying bills for your IU student?

New IU Bursar Pay system will streamline third-party access to bursar accounts

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

On Oct. 31, Indiana University will transition to a streamlined, simpler and more secure internal electronic billing and payment system for student bursar accounts at all IU campuses.

IU students are asked to log on to OneStart starting Oct. 23 to grant Authorized 3rd Party Access for the new system.

Students with existing OneStart Authorized 3rd Party accounts will keep the same user name and password, but must log in to activate access for the new system and then:
• Select the bursar balances and bills box
• Enter an e-mail address for the Authorized 3rd Party who should have account access

To add new third party users, students are asked to:
• Create a user name and password
• Check the boxes for the areas where Authorized 3rd Party Access will be granted (for example, bursar balances and bills and grades)
• Enter an e-mail address for the third party

In both cases, students must share the initial password created with their third party users.

Students and third party users will receive monthly statement e-mail notifications from IU Bursar Pay,, when new bills are created.

Oct. 30 is the last day that a student can make an electronic payment in the current QuikPAY system. Students who want to keep statements in the QuikPAY format will need to download or print them by Oct 30. Authorized Payer Access for QuikPAY will be available through mid-November.

While the new IU Bursar Pay system will go live on OneStart Oct. 31, students are asked to update their third party access information as soon as possible.

IU Bursar Pay allows users to run a history of bursar account activity by monthly statement, date range or term and requires only one third party access user name and password for all institutional records.

Billing will be internal to IU, accessed through OneStart’s “View/Pay Bursar Bill” link by students with each campus’s electronic payment options. Third party users will use the “3rd party access” link on the OneStart login page to obtain bursar services.

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