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IU Northwest to host student research conference April 4

Students to present research on topics in arts and sciences

Wednesday Mar 27, 2013

IU Northwest invites the community to discover what undergraduate and graduate students have been studying at its Ninth Annual College of Arts and Sciences Student Research Conference on Thursday, April 4.

Students will present their research and artistic endeavors in the fields of psychology, chemistry, business, English, fine arts, sociology and more following a continental breakfast at 8 a.m. in the university’s John W. Anderson Library Conference Center (105 B). 

The presentations begin at 8:30 a.m. The day’s agenda is as follows: 

8:00 to 5:00

Library Conference Center

Exhibition featuring the artwork of IU Northwest students Simone Carter, Laura Gertzen, and Seamus McColly

Faculty Advisor: Derek Walter


Library Conference Center 105 B

Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:45: Session I

Library Conference Center 105 AIndividual Differences in Dishonest Behavior and Learning in College Students and Preschoolers

Chair: Frances Daniel 

Jessica Tylicki, Rachel Peyton, & Chris Lukasik, “Examining Predictors of Student Characteristics”

Faculty Advisor: Karl Nelson

Devin Boylan, “The Influence of creativity and academic major in susceptibility to engage in dishonest behaviors”

Faculty Advisor: Frances Daniel

Erika Singh, Roshini Selladurai, & Ashley Howard, “Effects of Future Profession and Working Memory on Justification of Lies”

Faculty Advisor: Frances Daniel

Kristy Lorenz, Jill O’Hara, Tina Skrundz, “Preschoolers on sharing: Primed or Learned?”

Faculty Advisor: Mary Ann Fischer

Library Conference Center 105 C: Explorations in Mathematics

Chair: Axel Schulze-Halberg 

Victor Martinez, “A Mathematical Expression of Infinite Gravity at a Singularity (Pseudosphere)

Faculty Advisor: Vesna Kilibarda 

Christopher Ray Gordon, “Spectral problem of a nonlinear quantum oscillator in one and three dimensions: discrete energies, L^2 solutions and confinement”

Faculty Advisor: Axel Schulze-Halberg 

Daniel Jason Fugate, “Series representations for inverse Laplace transforms of finite products through Post's inversion formula”

Faculty Advisor: Axel Schulze-Halberg

Library Conference Center 110:Perspectives on Politics and Urban life 

Chair: Nicole Anslover 

Brandy Lynn Eddy, “Congressman James “Jim” Jontz: The Democratic Underdog” 

Faculty Advisors: Steve McShane & Christopher Young

Dustin Allen Durbin, LBJ and the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Faculty Advisor: Nicole Anslover

Amalia Shanks-Meile & Elizabeth LaDuke, “The Cake is a Lie: The Evolution of City Methodist Church”

Faculty Advisor: Christopher Young 

10:00-11:15 Session II

Library Conference Center 105 A: Personal and Societal Parameters of Sexuality and Sexual Behavior

Chair: Tanice Foltz 

Amanda Board, “Interpersonal Violence in Lesbian Relationships: The Challenges of a Double Stigma”

Faculty Advisor: Tanice Foltz 

Andrew Koch, “Sexual Harassment of Nursing Staff”

Faculty Advisor: Tanice Foltz

Brittin A. Bailey, “Sexual Misconduct: Female Teachers, Male Students, and the Social Perception”

Faculty Advisor: Tanice Foltz

Library Conference Center 105 C:  Explorations in Science

Chair: Dan Kelly 

Victor Martinez, “Hadron Bag Model”

Faculty Advisor: John Morris    

David Dimitroff, Kelly Stanley, Sameera Raziuddin, Nabeela Mohideen, Nick Miljevic, Chris Hilbrich, Michael Iqbal

“Using Mathematica to Understand Limiting Reagents in Chemical Reactions”

Faculty Advisor: Nelson De Leon 

Matthew Anthony Halfman, “Gravitational Effects of a Cosmological Constant”

Faculty Advisor: John Morris

Library Conference Center 110: From California to Canada, From Lakes to Volcanoes: The Scientific and Pedagogical Breadth of the Geosciences—a Poster Session

Chair: Erin Argyilan 

Serenity Price, “Behavior Response to Lake Conditions at Portage Lakefront Park and the Potential Risks of Recreational Water Quality on Human Health and Safety”

Faculty Advisor: Erin Argyilan

Alexis Crissinger, “Examination of Effective Pedagogies in Geological Sciences”

Faculty Advisor: Kristin Huysken 

Courtney Targos, “Geochemical and Mineraloigcal Analysis of the Ubehebe Volcanic Field, Death Valley”

Faculty Advisor: Kristin Huysken 

Peter Henderlong, “Compaing the Petrogenetic History of the Elzevir Batholith to the Weslemkoon and  Northbrook Batholiths, Ontario, Canada”

Faculty Advisor: Kristin Huysken

11:30-12:45 Session III

Library Conference Center 105 A:All the World’s a Stage: The Art of Directing and the Literary Presence of Female Protagonists

Chair: Mark Baer

Robyn Michelle Rutar, “A Direction in Directing: Process of Staging Theatre for Student Directors”

Faculty Advisor: Mark Baer      

Brenna Echterling, “Gender and the Outsider”

Faculty Advisor: Anne Balay 

Jennifer Tepavcevich, “Paretsky’s Masks”

Faculty Advisor: Patricia Buckler 

Library Conference Center 105 C: Susceptibility to Disease and Inaccurate Performance: The Role of Individual Differences and Neurotransmitters

Chair: Ceyhun Sunsay

Gina Fink, “Causes of Eating Disorders”

Faculty Advisor: Christopher Young

Kaity Blandford, “Emotions and Goal-Directed Behaviors”

Faculty Advisor: Ceyhun Sunsay

Amanda Hartman & Stephanie McManimen, “The Effects of Creativity and Working Memory on Susceptibility to Inadvertently Plagiarize”

Faculty Advisor: Frances Daniel

Sarah Lynch, “L-DOPA-induced ERK Signaling in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease: Dopamine and GABA Interactions”

Faculty Advisor: Subbiah P. Sivam

Library Conference Center 110: Stereotypes, Strangers, and Personality: How they Influence Learning and Sharing

Chair: Mary Ann Fischer 

Elise Ozier, “Inducing Stereotype Threat in a Virtual Context”

Faculty Advisor: Frances Daniel 

Caitlin Gandarilla and Jeannette Lyu, “Will a Baby Give Candy to a Stranger?”

Faculty Advisor: Mary Ann Fischer

Maria Camacho, Hayley Camalick, Jaquelyn Garcia, Charlotte Ivanovich, Melisa Spisak, Dionna Warren

“Preschoolers Show Increased Sharing Following Priming with Reward Imagery”

Faculty Advisor: Mary Ann Fischer 

Alyssa Ford, Ashley Elcock & Melissa Castellano

“The Influence of Personality Traits and Working Memory in Self-Reported Risky Sexual Behaviors”

Faculty Advisor: Frances Daniel


Library Conference Center

Reception, Library Conference Center


Library Conference Center 105ABC

Keynote address:  From Ideas to Research: An Idiosyncratic View

Dr. Ralph Erber, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Psychology, DePaul University


Library Conference Center



Library Conference Center 110

Screening of "Everglades of the North" followed by a discussion with the documentary's production crew: Pat Wisniewski, Jeff Manes, Brian Kallies, and Tom Desch

The screening and discussion is co-sponsored by the IU Northwest Department of Communication.

Screening of "Everglades of the North" followed by a discussion with the documentary's production crew: Pat Wisniewski, Jeff Manes, Brian Kallies, and Tom Desch

The Library Conference Center at IU Northwest is located on 35th Avenue in Gary, just one half-mile south of I-80/94.

For more information, contact Christopher Young, Ph.D., at (219) 980-6563 or

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