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Celebrating the Class of 2013: Brittin Bailey

‘You have to put your mind to it and see through what you set out to do’

Monday May 06, 2013

Brittin Bailey, 26, of Whiting, graduates this May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology!

After seven years of college, this achievement marks her third degree, yet this is the first time she has participated in a Commencement ceremony.

“This degree is the completion of everything,” she said. “I wanted to get everything done before I walked across that stage,” she said.

“Everything,” for Bailey, means combining her anthropology degree with her radiologic sciences degrees, in order to carve a rather unique career niche.

Bailey, who works as a hospital CT tech, has aspirations of performing skeletal analysis of “mummies and things” using imaging technology.

She hopes museums will take notice of her particular skill sets and hire her to provide them with valuable insight into ancient remains without compromising the integrity of the specimens.

While she might feel a ceremony is finally appropriate to mark her latest accomplishment, it is clear that Bailey views higher education as a natural part of her life’s journey. That means that this Commencement is perhaps merely an acknowledgement of a well-deserved break before she sets out on the path to a doctorate.

Originally from Lowell, Bailey had attended high school in Pennsylvania before returning home to attend IU Northwest. She juggled her higher education studies with work and has paid for tuition on her own.

This May, Bailey is celebrating the culmination of her achievements while staying on top of all of her other obligations, all while remaining on the Dean’s and Chancellor’s lists.

About the Class of 2013: Indiana University Northwest conferred 854 degrees at the 47th Annual Commencement ceremonies on May 9, 2013. The Class of 2013 collectively received 123 associate’s degrees, 606 bachelor’s degrees and 125 master’s degrees. More than a hundred of the graduates have earned their diploma with honors!

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