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IU Northwest: A community of gratitude

Students, faculty, staff and alumni tell us what they are most thankful for

Tuesday Nov 13, 2012

From family, to friends, to freedom and the First Amendment, more than 50 individuals from the IU Northwest campus community recently shared what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving season via IU Northwest’s Facebook page. We’ve re-published select responses below.

The Office of Marketing and Communications thanks you for sharing your thoughts with us, and for reminding IU Northwest of how very fortunate we all are for having such a supportive base of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Question posed to IU Northwest’s Facebook followers, “I am thankful for…”

  • Chancellor William J. Lowe: The opportunity at IU Northwest, which brought Pamela and me to a wonderful community, and to be part of Indiana University.
  • Nickeyia A. - Family!
  • Celina G. - The good grades I am going to get at the end of this semester.
  • Samantha E. – Family, of course, and registering early enough to get some good classes at the times I needed!
  • Alex H. – Graduating by December.
  • Luis G. - Family and life!
  • Lara G. - The School of Public and Environmental Affairs Master’s of Public Affairs faculty. They are always willing to lend a helpful hand and advice when needed! Proud to be an IU Northwest grad student!
  • Alex V. - All my friends at IU Northwest who have kept me going throughout the school year pushing me to follow my dreams. I am thankful for my family, and my wonderful boyfriend. Even though we are far apart, he is always there to give me advice and to keep me sane through these hard times at school.
  • Sheila W. - That at the end of each year I have new friends I didn't even know the year before.
  • Krystyn H. - My friends, family, health, Pell grants, and my opportunity to better myself with a degree from Indiana University!
  • Paul H. - All the good things that I have been blessed with: such as good health, my freedom, great people who taught me to be myself, my family, and finally, to all the wonderful staff at IU Northwest.
  • Melinda Kay T. – Some awesome professors this semester.
  • Betty V. – That my sister-in-law is in remission from her ovarian cancer.
  • Janet D. – That way back in 1970 I received my first IU Northwest diploma, and it has been a great asset ever since.
  • Chris L. – To hopefully be graduating in December!
  • Nikolas T. - The ability to question my own existence.
  • Jillian W. - Grace
  • Dee D. - For my family, my trials and triumphs, and my Illiana Scholarship.
  • Leonora W. - My parents helping me and being my backbone through the ups and downs of trying to pursue my dream. They always remind me that I am not alone.
  • Gerardo R. - My family.
  • Isabella B. - Music
  • Jenn T. – My professors, who realize I'm a person...not just another face in the crowd.
  • Bryan A. - My beloved mom.
  • Mike B. - A healthy family.
  • Dimitrius C. - A blessed family, friends, and health.
  • Kenisha P. - That I’m one semester away from graduating.
  • Nitecka R. - A second chance at life.
  • Taylor W. - Being an American.
  • Tangela P. - Life
  • Tasheima W. - To see another day.
  • Lauryn T. - This moment...the present.
  • Ryan C. - Family, friends, and health.
  • Dennis U. - The chance to educate myself in a way that will help my family...and the wonderful professors who have aided me in that task!
  • Chinita P. - Having the support of my parents in every step that I take.
  • T.t. K. - Living to see another day, for surviving unthinkable hardships, for the love of my family and true friends, and for my awesome professors (past and present) here at IU Northwest.
  • Erika E. – Air, sun, and for the magic of life itself. I'm thankful for those who challenge me and make me want nothing more than for me to be the best me.
  • Rebecca B. - Everyone who has volunteered time and/or donated funds to the IU Northwest Community Garden. I am also very grateful for the committee members who have attended the meetings and helped our garden become such a great success for the campus and community.
  • Christina C. - My son who gives me strength, drive and reason to push on through school and achieve my dreams! I couldn't have come so far without him!
  • Krystal B. - Having a job.
  • Rockle S. – The struggles that I have gone through for making me the strong-willed person that I am.
  • Marlene C. - Hands down, it has to be my family!
  • Christina G. - My family and friends and I am really thankful for waking up every day.
  • Erin A. - The First Amendment.
  • Kathy A. - My family, especially my three loving granddaughters. I am also thankful for the veterans and current military who have served and protected our country and our freedom.

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