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iun minority studies

Major in Sociology with an Associate of Arts in Latino Studies

The Latino Studies program in conjunction with the Sociology Department offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree (major) inSociology and an Associate of Arts degree in Latino Studies. Courses required for the Latino Studies component also meet (articulate) course requirements for the Sociology B.A.

Requirements (Sociology) The requirements for the Sociology component of this program articulating the B.A. with a Latino Studies A.A. are the same as for the regular Sociology major and listed in the Sociology and Anthropology Department section of this Bulletin.

Requirements (Latino Studies) (a) CHRI C101 Introduction to Latino Studies and 9 additional credit hours from Latino Studies course listings that include;(b) CHRI C213 Politics of Chicano Cultural Identity or CHRI C351 Latino Culture and Society; and (c) SOC S335 Race and Ethnic Relations or SOC 5419 Social Movements and Collective Action.

For more information, visit the Minority Studies page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.