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iun minority studies

Major in History with an Associate of Arts in Latino Studies

The Latino Studies program in conjunction with the Department of History offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree (major) in History and an Associate of Arts degree in Latino Studies.

The Department of History accepts any Latino Studies courses with History designations toward the B.A. in History. Additionally, we will accept one CHRI number taken by students toward an A.A. in Latino Studies and apply it to the B.A. in History toward completion of the required 24 credits of History courses at the 200 level and above.

Latino Studies (a) CHRI C101 Introduction to Latino Studies and 12 additional credit hours from Latino Studies course listings (required); (b) Recommended course of study for program articulating Latino Studies A.A. to History major will include CHRI C352 History of Latinos in the U.S. (this course may be used to meet requirements for the History major component) and one course from CHRI C301 Historyof Puerto Rico or CHRI C444 History of Mexico or CHRI C490 Chicano Labor History.

For more information, visit the Minority Studies page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.