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Northwest Indiana GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Forum

Northwest Indiana GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Forum


Who We Are

In May of 1997, the Northwest Indiana Environmental Forum (henceforth called the Environmental Forum - Tom Geishecker, Chairperson) established a sub-committee of their group to focus on the problem of cataloging spatial data for NW Indiana. In their attempts to help the group focus on the original mandate, the following 4 subcommittees were created:


  1. Cataloging - To establish a methodology for performing the inventory and cataloging tasks. This sub committee has researched the FGDC Content Standard for Metadata, investigated various software tools available to perform the Metadata compilation.
  2. Infrastructure - To help agencies with technical questions concerning hardware requirements for implementing Desktop GIS as well as investigate purchasing programs.
  3. Clearinghouse - To create and maintain web pages for the GIS Forum and investigate the possibility of making the catalog accessible via Internet.
  4. Training - To help agencies tackle the educational issues surrounding Desktop GIS implementation. Since it's creation, the GIS Forum has helped train members of our group and from various other agencies.