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iun library science

Masters of Library Science / Masters of Arts in History

Guidelines effective for those entering this dual degree as of Fall 2005. Interest in public history, genealogy, historic preservation, and archives and museum administration creates a demand for professionals with expertise in both historical research and information management. The dual M.L.S.–M.A. in history program requires completion of a minimum of 53 credit hours of graduate course work. Students must apply for admission to the master's programs of both the School of Library and Information Science and the Department of History and meet the admission criteria established for each. The two degrees must be awarded simultaneously.  

Masters of Library Science / Masters of Art in Philanthropic Studies

Designed for the student seeking a management career with libraries and other nonprofit institutions. Content includes gaining expertise in management of special library programs, fund-raising and endowment management, capital project management and leadership in academic, corporate or large public libraries.

Masters of Library Science / Masters of Science in Health Informatics

The emerging discipline of healthcare informatics is largely due to advances in computing and communications technologies in the healthcare industry, an increased reliance on computer-based knowledge management applications, and the need for knowledge retrieval and management expertise. Healthcare is a trillion dollar industry, with employers seeking out individuals who possess communication and problem solving abilities, technological skills, and an understanding of the possibilities that new technologies promise for the healthcare industry. There exists a critical need for graduate professional education in healthcare informatics to meet the increasing breadth and depth in the areas of the computerized patient record, cost reimbursement, and integrated health information systems.

Masters of Library Science / J.D. in Law

Designed for students interested in management positions in law school, government, corporate, and law firm libraries. Credentials for this dual program are also important for advanced reference and electronic document management in a legal setting. Courses and internships will guide students to specialize in copyright law and issues related to intellectual property and intellectual freedom.