iun liberal studies
The MLS program allowed me to pursue graduate education in a way that fit my research interests. The broad based curriculum was especially complementary to my own undergraduate education. This is a program that encourages inquiry, growth and involvement. (from: Beverly Lewis-Burton, MALS).
The Masters of Liberal Studies at IUN was a great program for me. There is a huge amount of flexibility in the program, so I was able to really focus my time on the courses and topics in which I was most interested and wanted to improve. I had some of the best professors and classmates of my entire academic career. Because of the small size of the program, I was able to get a lot of individualized attention which led to substantially improved writing and analytic skills. I chose the thesis option within the program, and the experience of writing the thesis, interacting with my advisor and committee, and the thesis defense was not only informative and highly supportive, but ultimately led to a published book. The MLS was a great experience for me, and has proven to be valuable in the job market as well. –Naomi Buck Palagi