iun liberal studies

Thesis Option: Independent Research / Creative Activity

The Independent Research/Creative Activity Option offers students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty committee and to complete a final project designed around their unique interests. Students must take 12 credits of electives and then successfully complete their program with a graduate project. The graduate project is an independent scholarly enterprise in which the student demonstrates mastery of a specific topic. Examples include a thesis, a computer program, a translation of a work of literature, or an artistic composition or performance.


  • LIBS D601 M.L.S. Project Proposal Seminar (3 cr.)
  • LIBS D602 Graduate Project (3-6 cr.)

Public Intellectual Option

Upon completion of two additional core seminars and 12 credits of electives, the Public Intellectual Option offers students the opportunity to work within a learning community made up of other students and led by a faculty facilitator to explore the variety of genres through which public intellectuals communicate, and to create their own portfolio of public intellectual work to be submitted for completion of the M.L.S. degree.


  • LIBS D600 Public Intellectual Practicum (3 cr.)