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Lego League Tournament panoramic view

The following list is being provided to help make your experience a positive one and hopefully help you to organize your day. You can use the blank lined areas to list your own ideas.

Check off the areas as you complete them:

  • Bring an extension cord and power strip
  • Bring a laptop
  • Bring a printed copy of your program
  • It would be wise to bring your programs backed up on a disk/data stick in case of emergency.(We will NOT be providing laptops for Technical Judge.)
  • Bring extra batteries
  • Bring 3 copies of the “TEAM Information Sheet” already filled out
  • Bring a “FLL Release Form” for each team member and coach(es). (Yes you need one too.)
  • It is strongly advised that you set the computer software and the IR tower to the “short range” option
  • Bring copy paper box or shoebox to store/put you robot in to help protect it from being accidentally reprogrammed or interfered with.
  • If using a laptop, boot up your computer BEFORE you get into the judging rooms
  • Bring a copy of the computer software you used (i.e. LEGO MindStorms v1.0, etc)
  • Go to the National website Forum area for recent Technical updates to the rules and competition. Also, check the Indiana Official FLL website FAQ’s and forum area.
  • Remember that there are NO CAMERAS or VIDEO EQUIPMENT allowed in the competition area
  • Sign and bring a copy of the Coach’s Promise with you to registration
  • Bring a trifold poster of your team demonstrating FLL Core Values
  • If desired, bring chairs