Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research


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Getting to Know the Updated NSSE

Launched in 2013, the updated NSSE survey is built upon years of evidence-based testing, institutional feedback and recent advances in educational and survey research. While survey changes range from minimal adjustments to entirely new content, the updated instrument maintains NSSE’s signature focus on diagnostic and actionable information related to effective educational practice.

We have archived all the Indiana University Northwest results prior to 2013 here, on a seperate page, so we can focus this page more closely on the Updated NSSE. Here is a link to more information on the updated NSSE, or you can visit these more specific pages to learn more about Engagement Indicators, High-Impact Practices, and the like.

NSSE Snapshot | 2015 | 2018

Pocket Guide Report | 2015 | 2018

Engagement Indicators | 2015 | 2018

High Impact Practices | 2015 | 2018

Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons | 2015 | 2018

Academic Advising: Topical Module | 2015 | 2018

Administrative Overview | 2015 | 2018

Respondent Profile | 2015 | 2018

Selected Comparison Groups | 2015 | 2018