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Pay Date Schedule

(2017) Bi-Weekly  | (2017) Professional/Monthly

(2016) Bi-Weekly | (2016) Professional/Monthly

Updating Tax Information

  • Access Employee Center through One.IU
  • In the Payroll & Tax tab you can update your federal and state withholdings anytime

Federal Taxes (W-4): Click on Edit to fill out the W-4 Tax form. Be sure to fill out all sections and click on Submit on the W-4 form.

IN State and County Taxes (WH-4): Click on Edit to fill out the Indiana’s Employee’s Withholding Exemption and County Status Certificate (WH-4) tax information page. This allows employees to update their state and local exemptions, additional withholding, and additional exemption status electronically through One.IU. Be sure to fill out all sections and click on Submit at the bottom of the form.

If you live in a county different from the IU campus you work on, you will have a Non-resident Locality withholding tax line show (as in this example).

Updating Direct Deposit

Updating Direct Deposit Information

Direct Deposit is mandatory for all employees of Indiana University. Indiana University automatically issues paycards to employees who have not signed up for direct deposit prior to their second paycheck. You must go to your campus payroll office to pick up the IU Paycard. Be prepared to present a picture ID.


New W-2 retrieval system for IU employees
W-2s for 2011 will be delivered electronically through the Employee Center in One.IU, but employees must consent to receive your W-2 online from IU. Past consents at are void and employees must re-consent at One.IU. For more detailed tax information link to W-2 Home.

Request a duplicate W-2

TIME Reference

The Timekeeping Information Management Environment (TIME) is an automated system for collecting time and attendance data for Indiana University's hourly and biweekly staff. Timesheets are electronically transmitted to the payroll system at the end of each biweekly pay period. Employees, supervisors, and payroll processors use it to keep track of time worked, absences, and (optionally) business rules, such as lunch and time collection rules.

Tutorials for TIME

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