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To encourage outstanding performance, reward excellence in staff achievements and recognize exceptional workplace creativity, innovation and sustained excellence in support of the University.  Please note, consideration for these awards applies to all full time staff employees, including; professional, clerical, technical and service maintenance staff.

  • 2017 Award Recipients

    Lena Williams

    Lena Williams

    Outstanding Staff Customer Service Excellence Award

    Mary Lee

    Outstanding Staff Pride Excellence Award

    Wayne James

    Distinguished Employee of the Year Excellence Award

    Timothy Johnson

    Distinguished Employee of the Year Excellence Award

  • Procedures


    Nominations for the following awards will be solicited for a two week period.  Confidential nominations are submitted on-line and returned to the selection committee for tabulating. Nominations must be submitted on the on-line form provided, including a detailed explanation, not to exceed one typewritten page, why the employee should be chosen for the award based on the criteria for each award.  Each employee can nominate up to three (3) individuals (one in each category).


    All full time employees will be asked to vote for one (1) employee in each category during a two week period.  Voting will take place online.  Employees will receive voting notification via e-mail.   After the nominating process, the committee will send out on-line voting ballots for up to the five (5) most nominated employees in each category listed.  A minimum of two nominations is required to move forward to the voting process.   Prior to final voting, supervisors must verify that the employee has no current corrective action reports in his/her personnel file in the Human Resources Department.  The committee will solicit support and an endorsement of award worthiness from supervisors of all finalists in each award category.   The employee receiving the most votes receives the award.  All awards will be presented at the April Employee Recognition Award Luncheon.

    Only one nomination per employee will be forwarded for the voting process. An employee may receive an award under one (1) category only.    

    The selection committee will consist of the Employee Recognition Award Review Committee.  The committee will review nominations to ensure that they are admissible and comply with the criteria for each category.    A monetary award of $1,000.00 (grossed up for taxes), and a commemorative plaque will be presented to winners in each category.

  • Criteria

    • Must be a full time employee.
    • Must have completed at least two (2) years’ service at the time of the nomination.
    • An employee may be selected for one (1) category only each year.
    • Award recipients will be ineligible to receive another award in the same category for a period of one (1) year.
    • Nominations must be received no later than March 1, 2017 to be considered.
  • Awards

    Outstanding Staff Customer Service Excellence Award

    • Must be a full time employee and completed two (2) or more years of continuous service at IU Northwest in a regular benefits eligible position.
    • Maintains a professional and friendly attitude with both internal & external customers.
    • Shows that he/she takes time to listen and understand what the customer needs.
    • Gives the customer the information he/she needs, not just what the customer asks.
    • Is thorough and follows-up with customers in a timely manner.
    • Greets customers with a cordial and welcoming manner.
    • Makes the customer feel important and appreciated.
    • Ensures all individuals are treated fairly, with courtesy and respect.
    • Is an effective listener to determine the customer’s needs.
    • Transforms complaints into valuable feedback.
    • Successfully meets customer’s needs.
    • Has received positive reports and feedback from customers.

    Outstanding Staff Pride Excellence Award

    • Must be a full time employee and completed two (2) or more years of continuous service at IU Northwest in a regular benefits eligible position.
    • Solves problems or addresses issues at IU Northwest that will provide outstanding service to the University, customers or fellow employees.
    • Creates or fosters a more productive workplace.
    • Contributes to the overall development of department or division initiatives.
    • Promotes or improves the image of IU Northwest.
    • Works hard, usually behind-the-scene, and does the job well, but seldom, if ever is recognized publicly for their hard work.
    • Is knowledgeable about all aspects of one’s position and interacts positively with on/off campus constituents.

    Distinguished Employee of the Year Excellence Award (2 awards)

    • Must be a full time employee and completed two (2) or more years of continuous service at IU Northwest in a regular benefits eligible position.
    • Demonstrates dedication in achieving the mission of the University and their operating department.
    • Is willing to accept responsibility for one’s own actions and decisions.
    • Exhibits style and influence to motivate those with whom they interact.
    • Performs assigned tasks in an exemplary fashion and inspires other employees to improve.
    • Exemplifies outstanding conduct in the performance of duties over a period of years.
    • Executes outstanding reliability and cooperation toward departmental goals and objectives.
    • Provides outstanding customer service at all times.
    • Demonstrates leadership and the ability to guide others.