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History encourages students to explore the human condition by providing a foundation in the historical roots of culture.  The discipline also equips students with the methods of historical research, teaches critical thinking regarding interpretations of the past, and develops students’ abilities to apply research methods and theories to building local, national, and global connections between historical events.

A Bachelor of Arts in History degree prepares students for a wide variety of fields that involve critical thinking, research skills, and interpretative analysis of research reports.

Program Highlights

History majors have an opportunity to intern with the Calumet Regional Archives, located on the IU Northwest campus.  Internships with local museums and archives may also be arranged. 

History majors often participate in the IU Northwest College of Arts and Sciences annual undergraduate research conference.  History faculty members encourage and sponsor student’s presentations at the conference. 

Hands-on learning is available through internships at the Calumet Regional Archives, occasional internships for history projects including history conferences on campus, and serving as student instructors for large history survey courses. There are also opportunities for faculty-student research sponsored by the Center for Urban and Regional Excellence.

Career Opportunities in History

Sought-after jobs that require a history knowledge background include working in archives, museums, and historical preservations.  A degree in history can also prepare one to work in fields in publishing, media, business, law, politics, foundations, government, and education.

For More Information

Browse the links listed above or download the Departmental Information Sheet for History to learn about degree and course requirements, student clubs and activities, and more.