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The Department of History offers students a wide range of courses in American, European, and Asian history, along with other courses in non-Western history and historiography. The department also cross- lists courses with Minority Studies and Women's and Gender Studies. The goals of the department are to teach analysis of texts, research skills, and critical thinking, along with the local, national, and global interconnectedness of historical events.

Philosophy and Religious Studies

The curriculum of the philosophy program is designed to contribute to the intellectual training of all undergraduates and to acquaint them with some of the most important developments in the history of ideas. Courses in the program emphasize clear and cogent thinking about fundamental problems, locate the origins of these problems in the writings of the great philosophers, and provide in-depth examinations of proposed solutions. The department also offers courses in ethics designed for business and medical students.

Political Science

The Political Science program offers an opportunity for the systematic study of political institutions and processes leading to a degree in political science. Courses are offered in the following areas of study:

  • Political theory and philosophy
  • American political institutions and processes
  • International relations and foreign policy
  • Comparative politics

Special features of the department's program include opportunities for field research, internships in governmental agencies, and a senior seminar for all political science majors.

A degree in political science is a liberal arts degree, and as such prepares students to assume the duties of citizenship; provides special knowledge and skills useful in public service, law, business, and other careers; and lays a foundation for the scholarly study of government and politics. Prospective political science students and majors are invited to discuss their interests with any member of the political science faculty.

For more information, visit the History, Political Science, Philosophy and Religious studies page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.