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Principle 5


5. Ethics and Citizenship

The application of the principles of ethics and governance to the larger society, one’s immediate community, and to individual conduct on campus and in society.

Requirement Adopted 01/18/2008

Some of the Principle 2 courses and advanced/writing intensive courses from Principle 1 should be designated as ethics or citizenship courses.

See individual majors for more specific information.  

Learning Outcomes - Adopted 10/17/2008

IU Northwest graduates will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to reason ethically and apply ethical principles when making decisions.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the responsibilities and roles of being a citizen and strategies for being involved in a democratic society.

Units must specify how their students will meet the outcomes for principle 5. Each unit will provide evidence that students have met the appropriate outcomes. Units are responsible for creating or designating the necessary courses and/or enriching experiences that fulfill the requirement and for assessing the outcomes.

Guidelines: Outcomes for principle 5 will be met by a class or by an enriching educational experience such as service learning, an internship, a capstone project, student teaching, an independent study research/creative activity, study abroad, a show, or a performance.