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iun fine arts

Major in Studio Practice

The studio arts program enables the student to see, to formulate, and to articulate visual concepts through the manipulation of forms and materials. Its basic aim is to develop an awareness of visual expression within the humanist tradition.


  • Fundamental studio (9 cr.) - Drawing, 2-D, and 3-D;
  • Studio courses above the 100 level (19 cr.) must include a minimum of three and a maximum of seven of the introductory (200-level) courses;
  • Minor in Art History (15 cr.)
    • A101
    • A102
    • Three (300-level) courses
  • A435 (Capstone)(2 cr.)
  • All students must file in the departmental office an "Intent to Graduate" form one calendar year prior to the intended completion date.
  • Should the student to opt to have a senior exhibit, they must meet with their principal teacher to determine if they are prepared to enroll in FINA-S 497.
  • Submit a portfolio of the most recent and best work in the major discipline to the departmental office before the completion of the fall semester, prior to enrolling in FINA-S 497. The studio program in the final year shall be coordinated with the evaluation of the portfolio.
  • Enroll in FINA-S 497 Independent Study in Studio Art for the spring semester during the final year.
  • Prepare the exhibit under the principal teacher's guidance. This will include drafting a descriptive statement about the work in the exhibit: goals, intent, approach, techniques, etc.
  • Be prepared to exhibit in accordance with the departmental schedule at any time during the final semester. FINA-A 435 and FINA-S 497 fulfill the capstone requirement.
  • Graduating Senior Exhibit (A faculty committee whose evaluation will be used to determine the studio course grade in the final semester will judge the Graduating Senior Exhibit and the descriptive statement.)
  • Students must also complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences

Total (45 cr.)

Transfer Credit in Studio

All incoming students who want to transfer studio credit from another institution must submit a portfolio. This should be in the form of slides, photographs, or compact discs, and should include the better work done in each course for which credit transfer is desired. The faculty shall devise a minimal studio program in residence, specifically based upon evaluation of the portfolio, for each transfer student.

For more information, visit the Fine Arts page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.