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The Writing Center provides online tutoring sessions to all students.  These sessions only occur during open hours for the Writing Center and during an appointment.  Just like our traditional sessions, they are limited to thirty minutes, and they are sessions intended to improve the overall writing project.  They are not proofreading sessions.  

If you would like a session, follow this procedure.

1.  Send the Writing Center an e-mail ( for an appointment.

In your e-mail, include the following:  

  • Your student id number.
  • Your name.
  • Your major.
  • Your e-mail address.
  • Your document.

2.  A tutor will contact you about a time to have the online session.  You must be present for the session.  You will need to chat and view the document with a tutor in real time.

3.  Prior to your online session, you should create a Google account.  To do that, visit Google.  

4.  Your session will occur through Google Docs.  Your tutor will upload your document.  At the appointment time, the tutor will contact you through your Google account to chat and view the document.  That means that you must be at a computer, logged in to Google Docs, and ready to work.  (For more information on the process, see Google's Help Page.)

*Please note that our online sessions are the same as our traditional ones in terms of content.  We will help you work on your document, but we are not a proofreading service.  If you are not present during an online session, we will not correct the document for you.

*You must make an appointment through e-mail for an online session.  We are happy to help you, and sometimes we can accomodate a last-minute session, but at certain times of the semester, we get busy so you might have to wait for an open session.  We suggest that you schedule your session at least a day in advance.  Please do not call for an online appointment.

*The tutors typically do not have time to read your document before a session, so reading the document will be part of the thirty minutes.  For long documents, a tutor might only read the first three pages so that he or she will have time to discuss your major issues.  If you have a document over six pages, you might need to schedule more than one tutoring session.  We do not schedule back-to-back sessions.