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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with an English degree? What educational, business or governmental opportunities will it open for me?

An English degree is a useful, well received, and even "marketable" major. Besides the obvious possibilities of graduate school in English or professional school e.g., law, it is a good entry for any business that appreciates the ability to read and think critically and to write effectively: banking, middle administration in business, state and national civil service, and educational administration. Most of all, we suggest that it enables someone to read the job advertisements imaginatively and to write a winning cover letter.

Can a person test out of the requirement for W131, Elementary Composition I?

Contact the Office of Admissions for requirements for testing out of W131.

What documentation style is used in written work for the English Department?

Generally, the MLA Modern Language Association format is used, but you should always check with the individual instructor.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is presenting as your own words or ideas written by someone else. 

What kind of writing is taught at IUN?  

Besides academic writing, including argumentation, comparison and contrast, essays expository writing and definitions, you can also develop your creative writing skills by taking classes in writing fiction, poetry, prose, plays, and drama. If you're more business minded, or just want to do well on all your required writing assignments throughout your college career, you may want to take W231, Professional Writing Skills, which covers such things as letters, reports, resumes, proposals, and process descriptions.

What kind of help is available to students experiencing writing difficulties?  

Tutorial services are available free of charge through the IU Northwest Writing Center.

Where can one publish one's creative writing at Indiana University Northwest? 

Indiana University Northwest houses the award winning literary magazine, Spirits, which is currently under the direction of Garin Cycholl.